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  • Been spreading those things around ZD for almost a year now…tomorrow will be my first anniversary anyways. But regardless, whenever someone was kind of sad I gave them a Shine Sprite, and it cheered them right up…Lord Vain, God of Peace, spread the Sunshine~

    Yeah, Christmas is a nice thing to have overall; I still just like to have snow there as well because that’s usually how it is when Christmas comes around here, all snowy and stuff :3
    You're welcome, here, haz Sunshine~ click the gold :3

    Oho Jee, any Christmas besides a snowy white one is kind of meh in my book, eheheh -,o
    *Pokes your forehead* Heh, just because you requested a hug isn't gonna make me stop liking you, no…only if someone does something truly bad will I stop liking them, asking for a hug doesn't even qualify for such things, and based on what I have gathered so far in regards to the kind of person you are--yeah, chances are you’ll be in the clear…forever o,o So really now, don't worry about such things, Amu-chan :>

    Ah, you and me both, my parents were planning on getting my step-brother and I cell phones for Christmas...but tbh, I have no clue what they may really end up doing, just gotta wait and see. I also hope to get some snow this Christmas, as even despite living in the snowy Canada, last year was a Green Christmas :/
    Eh, it happens, all that I said before stands though...if you need a hug or someone to talk to when somethings troubling you, feel free to come see me ^_^

    Well, a laptop would cost more I assume, and many are saying they want to wait for better games to come out for the Wii U...so if you see more appeal in the laptop option then go for that, but if you get a Wii U maybe we could use that chat feature on it or something, hahah. Nah, I wouldn't seriously request you to do such a thing, but you should go with whatever seems like the best option in your mind--computer or video games console.
    I'm just not a very huggy person is all, last time I hugged a lot someone I hugged stabbed me in the back, not fun stuff...but since I hugged you once considered yourself on the list of people I will be willing to hug now, don't go crazy with that fact though. *hugs you warmly*

    Ah, I never got a laptop either, would like one...but for now the Wii U seems to work well enough, even has a Chat feature that I think is some kind of Video Chat thing, I dunno really but I can come to ZD on it and have multiple tabs open to listen to music even--so good enough :3
    Uhhh, I kind of burn or freeze most people...oh, fine, maybe just this once. *gives you a nice comforting hug*
    Hahah, sure, guess that's my nickname for you though...Amu-chan.

    Yep, chatting with you on 3DS while playing this game, and it's pretty fun. Dunno about differences, graphics and power-ups before, also the use of the Gamepad in multi-player.

    Awww, well if you're ever sad feel free to come and talk to me about it, that's what I do...talk to people and ease their souls when they may be troubled. Can't guarantee a hug, but I can speak with you if you may be feeling down and will help try to cheer you up any way I can, yeah :>
    Yeah, you're a teenage girl who's username is Amura, and Chan is Japanese honorific often used for teenage girls, so Amu-chan works nicely :3

    Anyways, pizza's always a nice thing to have, hahah...what have I been up to though, just playing New Super Mario Bros. U atm--some parts can be very confusing, dying is easy -,o

    What have you been up to, Amu-chan, life treating you well enough and all that stuff?
    Well, most people either call me Vain or LV, so that's more than fine...anyways, I've been alright, thanks. How have thing been on your end, Amu-chan? Hmmm, does that sound alright, guess it could work.
    Project Moonfall...ah, the whole Majora's Mask 3D remake. Hmmm, suppose I'm 50/50 myself, wouldn't mind such a thing but also wouldn't be disappointed if it never happened. Plus the Wii U eShop is supposedly gonna have HD versions of GameCube games, and I know that Majora's Mask was ported to the GameCube on the Collector's Edition Disc, so maybe it'll show up there--I dunno really, would be neat though.
    I see, that's good enough then I guess, hmmm.

    I've been alright myself, got a Wii U today, it's pretty neat.
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