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  • Good afternoon, Amura, figured I’d come by to tell you that I added you to the House now…you shall also receive an invitation to the group I made as well, welcome to the family :)
    Hey, Amu-chan, how was your day...hmmm, I see you went invisible as well now, huh.

    Edit made at 9:18 PM: Well, I guess you must have been busy today or something, but that's understandable...I hope you had an alright day and will have an alright night as well :3 *hugs you warmly*
    Well, suppose we shall speak more on that tomorrow then, heh...but for now, have a peaceful night, Amu-chan ^_^
    Well, if you want I could possibly adopt you as a daughter, already have five but am likely gonna be having a sixth one get added soon and figured a seventh one likely couldn't hurt…yeah, there’s only like four guys in the House including myself because I chat with female members more than I do males, eheheh.

    It works out well enough though, here's the Group description: The House of True Light. Lead by Lord Vain, this family is composed of respectable members, all with their own unique title dignifying what they represent. The overall purpose of the Mahikari is to help uphold the peace and justice any way they can, offering advice and support if someone approaches them for such things. As the Head of the House, Lord Vain cares for each member deeply, and if ever a member is in distress he will sort things out no matter what it takes.
    Oh, the House of Mahikari or "House of True Light". That is the name given to my Digital Family here on Zelda Dungeon, I am the Head of the House, and there are currently 10 House Members in total. You can see it all there in the spoiler in my sig, which I’m sure you know of already--if you click on the colourful names of each House Member listed it will take you to their profile, and clicking on House of Mahikari will bring you to the group I made for the members.
    Yep, just post in any threads that interest you, and then when you reach 100 posts just use the Song Thread to keep the SB around if you want :3

    Ok then, have a nice night, Amu-chan...I'll see you tomorrow :>
    Well, keep on posting, Amu-chan...once you reach 100 the SB will be visible to you, but you need to maintain at least 1 post every 24 hours to keep it around, the Song Thread is my answer since not too many threads really interest me :3

    Eh, it was awhile back now, often enough when in the SB I will maintain a serious demeanor...but of course I may joke around now and then and will still do the whole cheer people up thing, it's what I do. Quite a few members see me as a respectable and just person, but some have openly stated that my seriousness intimidated them, but overall I’ll keep my cool unless something truly bad happens…and often enough if I may be upset or angry, others members will see this and start to worry as well, as it’s not something they often see from me.
    Yeah, I'll usually say what I just now said, "ah well, whatever"...it works well enough anyways, heh :3

    Ah, don't you just hate awkward silences, a few times in the past me entering the ShoutBox here caused people to just go silent...I dunno why really, maybe it's because I'm a serious individual and my presence caused tension o,o Nah, I doubt that was the case, likely just occurred because I popped in at a random time or something.
    Oh, neat, science can be fun…English was my main interest; I write stories and poems often enough anyways, heheh.

    Huh, curiouser and curiouser, I dunno what to say to that...ah well, whatever.
    Awww, well that's alright, what things interest you...? Like, favorite subjects in school or otherwise, stuff like that :)

    Actually, according to my profile yours was the 6844th VM...still get points though regardless I guess, hahah.
    Yep, guess we live in the same time zones then, neat :3

    Oh, hahah, I'm usually up and around here until 2:30 AM myself...you don't gotta stay up any later than you usually would yourself though, nah, but we can continue chatting until you may decide to head down for the night :>

    Hmmm, what to chat about though, uhhh...not sure if I may have asked this before, but do you own a 3DS?

    Bonus: +1000 points for 100th VM...oh teehee.
    I dunno if it's possible, but I can just get carried away when I'm trying to motivate or cheer up someone, I kind of try not to...sometimes it just happens though, force of habit >,>

    Thanks again, most people consider me a respectable and serious member, I can make quite the impressions rather quickly…more so because if I see someone hurting there’s a good chance I’ll reach out to lend a hand, it’s just in my nature, to purge pain if I can :)

    Oh, I just said enough of me getting carried away for the night, we can still chat about various other things if you’d like…I will likely be on the computer for another 2 hours anyways, and even after then I’ll likely end up coming back here on 3DS around 11:00 PM, it’s only 8:21 PM here where I’m at right now.
    A day. Like a day. repeated maybe twenty or so times, I didn't exactly keep count, but I've read through much more nerve wracking things before...heheh.

    Thanks though, you're pretty awesome and nice yourself, Amu-chan...making others smile is actually in my list of interests, hahah. Yep: Spreading Sunshine, making others smile, protecting my friends and family, helping others out, etc.--my interests. Being the go to guy when something’s troubling someone is what I do around here though, I have spoken with many people on many serious subjects, and more often than not found a way to get them to smile in the end. So if you may need a shoulder to cry on or someone who is willing to listen, don’t hesitate to ask me. Ok, I’ve said that maybe four times now, think that's enough for tonight…don’t want to flood you with niceness or whatever you may call this, eheheh.
    Hahah, thanks, Amu-chan :>

    I hope you won't be feeling as depressed now though, or at least not for the rest of the night anyways, can get some nice peaceful sleep later...but when you may be sad there are people like me around to talk with about such things, you're not the only one I've told this to, I just like to help others smile more often.
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