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  • Not sure if you'll be coming back or not now, but it was nice to know you, I can only hope life is treating you well enough and that you have a good future...
    Hmmm, I haven't seen you on in awhile, I hope everything is ok...well, whenever you do log in again, I'll be here waiting. You're one of my daughters here so of course I'm gonna worry and care about you, Amu-chan...you're also just overall a good friend period :>
    Hmmm, just a heads up, you may find yourself getting friend requests if you decide to go around and say hello to some of the House members. One reasons being that I told some of the family about my nice sixth daughter, and another reason being the fact that you apparently put VM's on friends only, heheh :P
    Hmmm, well pretty good is better than pretty bad, Amu-chan…I hope things continue to go nicely for you then :)
    Yep, you should fit into the House just fine, Amu-chan :>

    So, was this last week an alright one for ya? I myself have slowly been playing through New Super Mario Bros. U, some parts are crazy but it’s still a fun game nonetheless, hahah.
    Yeah, I think that should work nicely…you gonna want me to make your name an icy blue colour on the list as well, yeah?
    Hmmm…what about Digital Goddess of Snow Spirits? That way you represent all the Snow Spirits in general :3
    Well, I'm a Digital God and my daughters typically become Digital Goddesses due to that fact...what do you have in mind though?
    Heh, I love rain and snow as well...the tears of a God and the crystallized dust in the wind, one is calming while the other is just rather beautiful in a way I guess.

    By all means, just tell me whatever it is you may wish to have as your title and I'll put it in, Amu-chan :>
    Eh, I’ll just stick with Amu-chan then, even a little awkwardness means it might as well be avoided…well, that’s what I think anyways.

    Moving along, always good to hear you’re holding up alright, and a snowy winter signature huh…sounds cool, no pun intended, hahah. Here in Canada snow is something I see quite often during the Winter, no snow yet, but I know it’s coming. Currently my profile has a snow theme going on, and my location, "Santuario de Hielo" translated to Ice Sanctuary :3

    And I'm listening to the Snow Road theme from Paper Mario as well now, always did like this theme...oh, and by the by, are you ok with what Digital Goddess title I chose for you or would you like to come up with one yourself?
    No problem...oh, also, since you're my daughter now I may sometimes call you sweet heart >,> If that would make you feel uncomfortable I won't though, eheheh. But that aside, how have you been doing, Amu-chan?
    It's fine, and so are you, I'm at ease...but anyways, all of the other House Members are nice people, so feel free to go around and say hello to some of them. Oh, and you're welcome, figured I might as well give my newest daughter a hug :3
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