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Link's Awakening Items

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  SwordLink will find his Sword on Toronbo Shores at the beginning of Link's Awakening. It is his primary weapon for the whole game and it should be equipped at all times, except when Link needs some other items out to get past an obstacle.
  Seashell SwordThis is the reward for finding 20 Secret Seashells. The L-2 Sword is stronger than the previous Sword, and it can also shoot beams when Link has full health. After obtaining it, the other six Secret Seashells Link never found will disappear. It is found in the Seashell Mansion south of Kanalet Castle.
  ShieldThe Shield is the first item Link will receive in Link's Awakening. Link gets it back from Tarin shortly after he wakes up in Marin and Tarin's House. This Shield can block projectiles, and that is pretty much it. A lot of players find themselves using it less and less as they progress through the game.
  Mirror ShieldThe Mirror Shield resides in Eagle's Tower, the seventh dungeon in Link's Awakening. It can reflect certain types of beams like fire that the old Shield could not reflect before. Although it is obtained as the dungeon item, it has little use in the battle with Evil Eagle. It blocks his feathers so Link won't fall off the tower as easily.
  BombBombs are in almost every Zelda game, and Link's Awakening is no exception. They can destroy enemies, blow up weak walls, and more. They come in handy for many situations. The amount Link can hold can be upgraded to 60 Bombs if he goes down a hidden staircase near Martha's Bay where Mad Batter will give Link the upgrade as a "curse". Also, Bombs can be used with Arrows to make Bomb Arrows when the player puts Bombs on one button and Arrows on the other button. Then, by pressing both buttons at the same time, it will launch a Bomb Arrow.
  BoomerangUnlike other Zelda titles, the Boomerang is one of the strongest weapons in the whole game. It can destroy a lot of enemies in a single hit, as well as retrieve items off the ground such as Rupees. It can be found in a cave behind a bombable wall in Toronbo Shores. If Link has obtained the Magnifying Lens, Link will see a Goriya in the cave; Link should trade the item on the B Button (the Deluxe Shovel is recommended) to him in exchange for the Boomerang. The Boomerang can also defeat DethI, the final boss, in a single hit.
  BowThe Bow can be found in the Town Tool Shop found in Mabe Village mid-way through the game for a whopping 980 Rupees. A lot of Rupees, but the monopoly Link will have to do for this item is worth it. The Bow can shoot Arrows to activate switches, defeat enemies, and more. Since it does all that, it is recommended Link gets it as early as he can.
  HookshotThe Hookshot can be found in the fifth dungeon of Link's Awakening, Catfish's Maw. It can propel Link towards certain materials, pull items towards him, defeat enemies, and much more. The Hookshot has appeared in most of the main canon games in the series. It stretches across most of the screen, making it a very useful item overall.
  Magic PowderThe Magic Powder can be used for several things. It can light torches, help destroy enemies, and many other uses. It is obtained by finding the Sleepy Toadstool in the Mysterious Woods and giving it to Syrup the Witch. When Mad Batter gives Link the upgrade as a "curse", Link can hold up to 40 Magic Powder at once.
  Magic RodFound in Turtle Rock, the Magic Rod, like the Hook Shot, is one of the best weapons in the game. It shoots a blast of fire that is not only good at defeating enemies, but also at lighting torches. Like many items obtained in dungeons, the Magic Rod is used mainly for defeating the boss of Turtle Rock, Hot Head.
  OcarinaThe Ocarina is found in the Dream Shrine in Mabe Village. Link can learn to play three songs on the Ocarina. The Ballad of the Wind Fish is one of the first songs Link learns in his adventure. When played on the Ocarina along with the Eight Instruments of the Sirens, the Wind Fish's Egg will open. Although not required, Link's next song he learns is the Manbo's Mambo that will warp Link to Manbo's Pond, near Crazy Tracy's Health Spa, and can be also used to warp Link to the beginning of a dungeon. The Frog's Song of Soul is the last song Link learns on the Ocarina which will revive the Flying Rooster.
  Pegasus BootsThe Pegasus Boots can be found in Key Cavern, the third dungeon in Link's Awakening. The pair of boots can be used with a couple of other items to make great effects. One of the many uses includes dashing them with the Sword which can be used to dash through certain type of rocks, or using the Roc's Feather with the boots for longer jumps.
  Power Bracelet L-1Deep within Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon of the game, the Power Bracelet can be found. It can make Link lift up many different objects like rocks, pots, etc. This item is vital on defeating the boss of Bottle Grotto, the Genie. By using the Power Bracelet, Link can throw the Genie's bottle against the wall many times before it breaks.
  Power Bracelet L-2An upgrade for the Power Bracelet, this Power Bracelet is obtained in the Face Shrine, the sixth dungeon in Link's Awakening. While being similar to the Power Bracelet found in Bottle Grotto, Link can now lift heavier objects. Like most items, it is needed to explore more of the Face Shrine due to the heavy elephant statues Link will find within it. Later, Link can use the upgraded Power Bracelet to lift an iron ball used in Eagle's Tower.
  Roc's FeatherFor the first time ever in a Zelda game, Link can now jump! The Roc's Feather can be found in Tail Cave. The use is simple. The player should equip the it on either the A or B button and use it to jump. This feather comes in heavy use for the rest of the game, whether it is pits, hazardous surfaces, or just using it for fun.
  Deluxe ShovelA little through the game, the Deluxe Shovel can be bought in the Town Tool Shop for 200 Rupees. It can dig up things from the ground such as Hearts, Rupees, etc. Also, in some locations, it can dig up things like Secret Seashells and other items. When Link discover the Goriya that wields the Boomerang, it is recommended that Link should trade this item to him for the Boomerang. Don't worry, as Link can always get it back if he will need it.


  FlippersFound in Angler's Tunnel, the Flippers let Link swim in deep water. Press the A Button repeatedly to swim in the water. Press the B Button to dive down underwater to sometimes find items in certain places and underwater passages. These are automatic, meaning as soon as Link gets them, he will be able to swim in deep water automatically.
  Golden LeafThere are five Golden Leaves in Link's Awakening. Richard asks Link to go find his Golden Leaves he lost when he had to flee Kanalet Castle after his servants went mad. After Link retrieves all five Golden Leaves, he will give them to Richard in return for the Slime Key.
  Piece of HeartA total of twelve Pieces of Heart can be found in the game. For every four Link has obtained, he will gain another heart to his health. A total of three hearts will be added if he collects all twelve of them hidden throughout the island.
  Secret MedicineLink can buy the Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy who lives near Manbo's Pond. She will sell some to Link for 27 Rupees. He can also find them in some treasure chests in the later dungeons. This medicine restores Link's life automatically after he dies. It is recommended Link saves the Secret Medicine for the later battles or the battle against The Shadow Nightmares.
  Secret SeashellThere are 26 Secret Seashells total scattered across Koholint Island. When Link has found 20 of them, he should go to the Seashell Mansion located near Kanalet Castle. His reward will be the Seashell Sword, which is stronger and shoots beams out when Link has full health. Also, after Link finds 20 Secret Seashells and gets the Seashell Sword, the other six Link doesn't find will disappear.
  Sleepy ToadstoolThe Sleepy Toadstool is found deep within the Mysterious Woods. Once Link has found the Sleepy Toadstool, he should take it to Syrup the Witch and she'll make Magic Powder out of it.
  Red TunicThe Red Tunic can be found at the end of the Color Dungeon. Link can choose between this tunic and the Blue Tunic. This tunic gives Link more attack power overall, practically making all enemies and some bosses health cut down by a half of what it was before. Once he has picked the Red Tunic, Link cannot go back and change his mind for the blue one.
  Blue TunicThe Blue Tunic can be found at the end of the Color Dungeon. Link can choose between this one and the Red Tunic. This tunic gives Link more defense overall, practically doubling his health. Once Link has picked the Blue Tunic, he cannot go back and change his mind for the red one.

Eight Instruments of the Sirens


  CompassLike most Zelda games, one Compass can be found in each dungeon. It lets Link see where all of the treasure chests are, as with the Nightmare's lair on the map when the game is paused. Also, it will make a beep tone-like sound whenever Link enters a room that has a Small Key or the Nightmare's Key.
  Dungeon MapThe Dungeon Map's function is rather basic. It lets Link see all of the rooms and the shape of a dungeon on the pause menu. It doesn't do much else and is not required to beat a dungeon like the Compass.
  Small KeySmall Keys are only found in dungeons. They can be used once on one locked door, then they disappear. Also, the Compass will show Link if one is in a room with a beep-like tone if he has already obtained the Compass earlier. To see how many Link has, pause the game while in a dungeon and look on the right. Small Keys cannot be transferred between dungeons.
  Nightmare KeyThe Nightmare's Key opens the door to the Nightmare's lair in each dungeon. It is always in a chest that is rather hard to reach. In every dungeon, Link will usually get this very late in the dungeon.
  Stone Slab FragmentThere is one Stone Slab Fragment per dungeon, as well as a few Stone Slabs the fragment works with. Link can read the Stone Slab once he has obtained the fragment which gives him hints about various things in the dungeon he is in.
  Stone BeakThere is one Stone Beak per dungeon, as well as a few Owl Statues the beak works with. The Owl will talk to Link through these statues and gives him hints about various things in the dungeon he is in.
  Heart ContainerLike nearly every other Zelda title to date, Link can get a Heart Container after he defeats a boss encountered in a dungeon. Same goes for Link's Awakening; for all eight dungeon bosses, a Heart Container will come out of them after Link defeats them. It increases his life by one whole heart.


  Tail KeyThe first of the five keys, the Tail Key, is found within a treasure chest deep in the Mysterious Woods. It is needed to gain access to the first dungeon, known as Tail Cave.
  Slime KeyThe Slime Key is Link's reward from Richard for finding his Golden Leaves. After he lets Link gain access to Pothole Field behind his Villa, Link should dig in front of the Owl Statue for the key. This will gain him access to Key Cavern.
  Angler KeyThe Angler Key is found within Yarna Desert guarded by the desert dwelling creature, Desert Lanmola. Once acquired, Link should walk up to the lock in front of the waterfall on the foot of Tal Tal Heights. The waterfall will subside, revealing the entrance to Angler's Tunnel.
  Face KeyFound in the Southern Face Shrine, the Face Key is what unlocks the Face Shrine. After Link has defeated the Armos Knight, Link is rewarded with the Face Key.
  Bird KeyThe Bird Key is last of the five keys Link will find in his adventure. It is found in a cave below the Hen House in Tal Tal Heights. It gains Link access to Eagle's Tower on the far northeastern side of Koholint Island.


  Guardian AcornOccasionally when Link defeats an enemy, a Guardian Acorn will come out of them. By picking it up, Link will have more defense for a time. It wears off when he gets hurt too many times. Different music will play when Link has it, and it stops playing when he loses it.
  Piece of PowerJust like Guardian Acorns, Pieces of Power are also found sometimes after defeating an enemy. They will boost Link's attack and makes a little explosion on enemies that Link hits. Also, he runs a little faster when he is using one. As with Guardian Acorns, they also wear off whenever he gets hurt too much while using them.
  Recovery HeartRecovery Hearts, as explained in the name, restore Link's health. They can be found in bushes, inside enemies after defeating them, and much more. The Recovery Heart has been around since the The Legend of Zelda for the NES. To this day, Recovery Hearts still serve the same purpose.
  RupeeRupees are basically the currency of Koholint Island. Blue Rupees can be found all over the place and it counts as one Rupee. Several chests in the game can hold as little as 20 Rupees, and as much as 200 Rupees. Rupees are vital for Link's quest so he can buy supplies and other items he may need.
  ArrowArrows can be found all over the Overworld and in shops. They sometimes even come out of enemies after being defeated. If Link picks up an Arrow off the ground before he has the Bow, it will just give him one Rupee instead. An upgrade that will allow Link to hold up to 60 Arrows can be found down some stairs under a rock near Turtle Rock where Mad Batter will give Link the upgrade as a "curse". Arrows can also be used as a Bomb Arrow. The player can put the Bow & Arrow on one button and Bombs on the other. Then, by pressing both buttons at the same time, the Bow will launch a Bomb Arrow.

Trading Sequence

  Yoshi Doll
  Dog Food
  Fishing Hook
  Mermaid's Necklace
  Mermaid's Scale
  Magnifying LensThe Magnifying Lens is the reward for finishing the Trading Sequence. It allows Link to see things and people that could not be seen before, including a Goriya who will offer the Boomerang. After obtaining the Scale from Martha, Link can go to the Mermaid Statue and it will move, revealing a staircase. Walking down this staircase will reveal the Magnifying Lens. On the way out, Link will be able to see the enemies that he couldn't see before.