Fused Weapon

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Fused Weapon


Obtained from

Using Fuse on at least one weapon with any other weapon or material.


Defeat enemies
Many effects depending on fusion

Fused Weapons are weapons that Link creates using the Fuse ability in Tears of the Kingdom.

Most Fused Weapon names do not refer to individual weapons, but have multiple possible constituents. Fused Weapons can not be made with more than 1 object and can be made with both materials and some objects around the world. Fused Weapons are of 3 categories, shields, spears, great weapons, and onehanded weapons. Several weapons have special effects, such as korok leaves, turning the weapon into a fan, mushrooms making a bouncy weapon, or gems turning any weapon into a wand. Zonai weapons gain a buff when fused to Zonai machines or monster parts.