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ZeldaDungeon: Zelda's Adventure Boss Guide


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
Hey guys, DARK MASTER here. How would you guys like to sail on my giant winged black dragon, Vias Avarora? Naaahh, just kidding, I'm too lazy to take people for rides on my dragon. I made a Boss Guide for Zelda's Adventure, which has never been done before. I made this as a fun experiment because I've never written a Boss guide before. ZeldaDungeon.net if you guys want to use this as your personal guide or as a reference to make your own, then go for it.

Dungeon 1 Boss: Lort
Threat level : 9
Back story & personality: Lort is obsessed with jewels. Frequently, in the dungeon he will tell you not to take any of his treasure.
Attack strategy: Lort is giant ogre, who moves frantically around the room, bumping into you, dealing one full heart of damage.
His other attack is throwing axes at you, which deals a 1/2 heart of damage. Allowing him to bump into you causes the most damage, so just keep your distance and you will prevail.


Dungeon 2 Boss: Pasquinade
Threat level: 7
Back story & personality: Pasquinon is a demented clown who often talks in long poetic monologues that rhyme.
Attack strategy: Pasquinade uses acrobatics to maneuver quickly around the room, twirling his cane. If he touches you it does 1 1/2 hearts of damage. His next attack is he shoots purple globes that circle around him that decreases 1/2 a heart.
The best weapon to combat him with is dynamite, which will create flames that will stun and attack him, allowing you to maneuver to the other side of the room.


Dungeon 3 Boss: Aviana Woman of the Air
Threat level: 7
Back story & personality: Woman of the Air is a giant prehistoric looking bird & she taunts you all through the floating palace of the dungeon.
Attack strategy: Woman of the Air flies around shooting deadly feathers, which can make you loose 1 1/2 hearts. She will also swoop down to hit you, which deals 1 1/2 hearts of damage. Only the Feather will harm her.


Dungeon 4 Boss: Jeanie/Genie/Malmord
Threat level: 4
Back story & personality: Jeanie is a reaper-like boss that deals with life and death and often bolsters how you're playing into her hands.
Attack strategy: Jeanie is an easy boss because he/she just warps around the room, like Agahnim, charging you with her scythe.
Each one of her hits depletes you of 1 1/2 hearts. Just dodge her and swipe and you'll make quick work of her.


Dungeon 5 Boss: Agwanda
Threat level: 6
Back story & personality: Agwanda is a giant blob-like creature, who looks similar to Morpha, which is interesting because this gamed predated Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. She even dries up the streams like a certain other boss we know. She has three loyal guardians, called The Kelpies.
Attack strategy: She frantically moves around shooting bubbles at you. When she knocks into you, she deals 2 full hearts of damage, but her bubbles only deal 1 1/2 hearts. The best method to defeat her is to keep your distance and attack when she briefly stops shooting bubbles.


Dungeon 6 Boss: Ursore
Threat level:6
Back story & personality: Ursore is a lion-like bear who is very interesting because he's the only boss in the game that doesn't work for Gannon. He won a series of tournaments in Tolemac and was awarded one of the celestial signs. He now lies in his fortress, where only the strongest are allowed.
Attack strategy: His only attack is bumping into you, which deals 2 full hearts of damage. Wait until he stops charging you, then strike with your wand.


Dungeon 7 Boss: Warbane
Threat level:7
Back story & personality: Warbane is a giant terradactal-like dragon, who owns a mine north of Cambula. He was originally good until Gannon came and pressed him into service, which caused many to loose their jobs.
Attack strategy: He swoops around the room and deals 1 1/2 hearts of damage. Wait until he slows down and then strike with your wand.


Final dungeon: Gannon
Threat level: 10
Back story & personality: Ah yes, Gannon, the classic villain whose been in the majority of the Zelda series. However, in this game for some reason, they portrayed him to look more scary. He looks like the kind of person who would rip off your flesh and make mosaics. He decided to get smarter in this game and capture Link verses Zelda.

Attack strategy: When the battle begins, you will have to re-fight all of the aforementioned bosses, except Ursore because, as previously mentioned, he doesn't work for Gannon.

Lort: Same as previous battle.

Pasquinade: Same as previous battle.

Aviana Woman of the Air: Same as previous battle.

Jeanie/Genie/Malmord: This time, he/she will split into many creatures resembling Boon from Zelda II Adventures of Link, or Dragonflies from Majora's Mask, which postdated Zelda's Adventure.

Agwanda: Same as previous battle.

Warbane: Same as previous battle.

Gannon: After re-fighting the various bosses, Gannon finally shows his true form. He warps around the room shooting electrical balls dealing 1 1/2 hearts of damage, but when he warps into you he deals 2 full hearts of damage. Just stay at the top, alternating left and right, so he can't warp on top of you. As he fires his electric balls, strike him with your wand.
Congratulations, you have just completed the game.



Thank you. I hope you've enjoyed my Boss Guide for Zelda's Adventure. It was very time consuming to make and I wasn't positive about all the spellings for the Bosses because I found out their names through voice acting and sometimes, it was hard to understand the exact word they were pronouncing. Your comments are welcome.
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Way to go, man

Dude, this is awesome. I love it!


Hero of Time
Jan 30, 2011
/facepalm the infamous CD-i games..... *shiver* I guess i'm not THAT much of a die hard fan as I'd never even consider playing these games....However I understand that you wanted to make your own guide and its impressive. I could just imagine the PAIN this game has put you through, unless you really liked it? :P I mean Mases, bought all three of them for like 600 bucks *scratches head*, I hope you didn't do the same? lol All in all I think it's a well thought out boss guide that will help die hard gamers get through the bosses, so it's a great help nonetheless! :)

BTW, does anyone else here besides me think that Ganon looks like Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat?


o hai darkmaster, i commend you on ur persistence with this game . . .o GOD this game DX


wow good job MR DARK MASTER. i seen this game on youtube but now you tell it. lol


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
Interesting guide. I've never played the CD-i games myself, and don't plan to, but to be honest strategies for these things are few and far between and this looks pretty useful. Good job.

Yeah thanks, it was very hard to make, it took about a week.

Nine-tailed Fox

Apr 5, 2010
Curiosity Shop
This is pretty cool! I've only played Faces of Evil on CDi (It's the only one I can handle) though. I LOL'd at Lort's attacks. How exactly does being bumped into hurt more than getting an axe chucked at you? I sure hope this guide helps alot of people considering all the time you've spent on it.


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
his is pretty cool! I've only played Faces of Evil on CDi (It's the only one I can handle) though. I LOL'd at Lort's attacks. How exactly does being bumped into hurt more than getting an axe chucked at you? I sure hope this guide helps alot of people considering all the time you've spent on it.

In all older Zelda games, if an enemy touches you, you take damage.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Personally, I don't really play Rare Zelda games, but this is one amazing guide to the bosses of ZA. These pictures impress me as well (I didn't really know that Zelda's Adventure had such beautiful drawn backgrounds). I would definitely recommend making more Rare Zelda boss guides, but for more popular and easily accessible games. Zelda's Adventure and the other Philips CD-i games are rather hard to acquire, so I recommend making a boss guide (or any guide for that matter) for games like Master Quest (technically a Rare Zelda according to your list, but the boss battles may not be so different from the original OoT bosses). In that case, I would just suggest for you to use your expansive knowledge of Zeldas (both Main and Rare) and try to come up with more threads like these. :)

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