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ZD Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tournament (March 2023) - Finished!


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May 14, 2022
New Mauville
Also, before you all start, I want to ask you about a potential change.

Would you prefer the match results to be public or private? In previous tournaments the matches were verified by publicly posting the replay in the thread.

What I want to know is: would you all prefer the replays to be verified privately instead? If done so your team isn't revealed beforehand to other participants, and neither is theirs to yours.
Personally, I would prefer private, as to keep my bad team a secret.


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Previous tournaments used to be one and done, so I'm planning on keeping it up. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Since we have a Losers bracket there'll be other opportunities for players to comeback. The only official match that can potentially have an instant rematch is the Grand Finals. In this type of tournament the winner of the loser bracket has to beat the winner of the winners bracket twice to win the tournament.

I think we used to let people decide between themselves each time?
I don't think we ever did, lol. That could lead to some awkward situations such as people trying to submit different replays as the match winner, or way too many.

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