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Your Zelda Bucket List


Dragon Demon
Mar 5, 2011
Spirit Temple
Just like the other bucket list topic but Zelda style.

For those who don't know a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die.

So in this one do you have any goals to setr in Zelda before you move on? Get 100% in OoT, Majoras Mask.

Post your goals below.

Some of mine are,

100% AlltP and Majoras Mask

Own every main zelda game in a cartrage (no emulator)

Beat Adventure of Link

Beat both of the Four Swords games.

Forum Rules apply.

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
Complete every Zelda game.
Own a master sword replica, with a Hylian Shield to go with it.
Have a Wind Waker Baton, Majora's Mask, Spirit Flutes, Real Mirror Shield and etc.

But I do have a life. And IM never gonna own a dog called Wolf Link.... My love remains to Flossy

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
1. Beat The Adventure of Link
2. Get the remaining Zelda games I don't have and beat them all
3. In WW, during the endless night, I will use my newly obtained bombs to kill all the Big Octos . . . when it's 2:00 AM in real life!


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
My Bucket LIST:

  • Play an HD OoT remake (Wii U ftw!) with ALL of the Ura Zelda content
  • Play a new Zelda that is of OoT quality with a MAGIC METER
  • Play through BS Zelda:Kodai no Sekiban once more
  • Finish Majora in a Majora's Mask 3 Heart Run (I'm afraid of MM 3HCs!)
  • Play OoT3D 3 Heart Challenge

Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
Fantastic thread idea. Props.

I think the thing I want the most is to say I have played through each of the main Zelda games. Maybe not 100% them all, but lets say 85% them all. In playing Zelda games the story and characters are the most important part to me and I would like to experience that aspect in all the games that I have to had a chance to pick up or complete. This does include the older games which I have acquired in my travels for the gamecube/Wii.

This doesn't apply so much to the games, but the other thing I would like to do is actually complete a fanfic. I have started many and have written many pieces but I have yet to actually complete one. So i guess this belongs on my Zelda bucket list as well.

I will come back and add as I think of more. ^^
Jul 23, 2011
1. be able to 100% speed run LoZ, OoT, MM, AlttP, and maybe MC and the other game boy ones
2. be able to 3 heart run 3ds master quest
3. 3 heart run LoZ, with as little deaths as possible if none at all
4. minmalist Loz, with as little deaths as possible if none at all
5.beat A.o.L without a game over (highly unlikely)
Feb 5, 2011
Play EVERY official by Nintendo Legend of Zelda game released in the states that has the franchise name in the title in their original format, regardless of what console it is available on.

My Dear Epona

Its all about balance
Apr 23, 2011
Beat 100% every Zelda game, get all games in their original form, and complete the zelda timeline!!


Viceroy of Area 11
Dec 24, 2010
Have a husky dog name Link, 100% MM, WW, TP, SS and OoT, cosplay as Zelda, have a Master Sword replica, and beat all the games (except CDi).

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