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Your Arrows


Jun 18, 2009
Somewhere over the rainbow
Electric arrows is an idea I never thought of before, and it is quite a good idea, but I would like to see the return of the infamous Light Arrows, but I would like to see a Darkness Arrow. A Darkness Arrow would cause the enemy attacked with it to go into a haze, making them move slower, as well as attacking slower, and missing on a few attacks, kind of like they were confused.

Nice idea. I can see a lot coming out of that, such as there's a boss that just IS light, and it zooms around at the speed of light, and you have to wait for an opportunity for it to stop and then you shoots it. This would take away most of the light around it so you can see the monster's true form, and it goes slow enough to where you can attack.


Jan 31, 2010
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Poison Arrows:

Does the same damage as regular arrows, but causes weaker (not boss or mini-boss) enemies to die within a minute or so. Armor could also stop them, so it wouldn't work on, say, Darknuts.

Magic Arrows:

Uses up a good chunk of magic, and will be naturally attracted to the closest target. A switch, an enemy, etc. Basically, it would compensate for bad aim by acting almost like a homing missile (though it won't work if the arrow wasn't aimed at least in the general vicinity of the target). Using them in the archery mini-game would disqualify you.

Stone Arrows:

Uses up some magic, and turns an enemy to stone for a few moments. Does no damage, and the enemy is invulnerable while in stone form. Basically, it just stops the enemy in their tracks long enough for you to escape or something.

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