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Who is the Cutest Character in TP?



In my opinion it would be Ganondorf. Yup it is him alright.


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Jan 25, 2010
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Defiantly Aryll, so cute, with her telescope and her cute face.... in my opinion midna isn't cute, she's a great character and all but she isn't cute. give me one reason why she is cute!
Feb 23, 2011

I kid... Overall, though, I actually find the character designs in Twilight Princess to be incredibly unappealing. The only "cute" characters that come to mind are Princess Zelda and maybe Midna; everyone else is just below decent or terrible-looking. However, this is just my opinion. Also, I couldn't help but notice TP's lack of "cutesy" races like Deku, Kikwi, and Koroks; I felt it really could have used some of those.
Jun 16, 2011
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I adore Agitha. That little giggle she makes whenever you give her a new bug cracks me up.

I also like Rutela (it's beautiful how much she loves her son, such a great mother), Hena (I always have the desire to marry her and live with her in the wonderful Fishing Hole, she has a cool and relaxed personality), Midna, especially her Princess form ("Am I so beautiful you've no words left?", you'd be surprised how true those words are, Midna.), Zelda (tons more beautiful than the other Zeldas) and Ilia (except when she makes a fuss about Epona, the relationship between her and Link is just wonderful).

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Feb 18, 2012
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Midna,so badassy with her impness.
Wolf Link,just um....his wolf style make me adore him.
Agitha,you are creepy but so.......unresistable.her face looks so cute!
Colin,......Y U LOOK LIKE LINK!??!!
Talo, I don't know why but his appearance is so um.....i don't know.


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I love Midna and then when she blew up Zant I finally knew she can be mean when it is so necessary, she just was so sarcastic and funny and a little bit cute. But Agitha I thought was cute the first time I saw her then I read her little poems. Bye, Agitha! :P Ralis was kind of cute (Not like that :P) Rutela was very pretty and she made a great mother because of how much she loved her son and Zoras are better looking without their masks. Beth though was 100% cute and had a crush on Link which I thought was very cute. I also love Hena. She was pretty and I thought for like 1 second dump Illa and date Hena because she was so fun and adorable! Illa though is just so cool because she has known Link forever and loves horses. Zelda in this game had a true heart and gave herself up for the best character in the game. That is what made me love her so much other than she is the most beautiful Zelda other and so is the Zelda from SS. :D
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May 26, 2010
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Personally, I think Zelda is the cutest character in TP, judging from personality and looks of course. There just aren't too many characters out there, you know? Plus, there's always this image to refer to:
Her lack of social display is a work of beauty. Just like her face <3

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