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General Classic Which Zelda Title Would You Play for the First Time Over Again?

May 27, 2012
Majora's Mask. Even when I did play it for the first time I already knew what to do for most of it because I watched my brother play it.

The Hyrulian

Hero Of Time
May 29, 2012
QLD - Australia
Ocarina Of Time for sure, it was the first Zelda I played, and it was a great game in general, it had a good solid story, awesome gameplay and the graphics were great in that era and still are fairly good graphicd, so yeah thats my choice.


pokemon master of hyrule
Dec 22, 2011
westville, new jersey
wow what a hard choice. i'd wish i could play all the games over again with no knowlegde of the game and not have any help, i'd want to play the all but i guess id choose oot,mm,ww, and tp. the zelda series contain some of the best memories in my life. in fact id die for the series
Ocarina without question even though i prefer TP and WW. OoT had better scenes, better locations with a story that feels much bigger than it was which is a wonderful feat. I'd love to draw the master sword for the first time again, see hyrule field and feel the expanse of it, take out my first iron knuckle and enjoy that haunting music of Kondo in the opening cinematic with the image of link riding epona over the moonlit field. <3
May 13, 2012
OOT for sure, even though it was fairly recent for me. But WW for sure, that's something I have nearly memorized.

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