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General Classic Which is Harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple

Which is harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple.

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Cup O' Courage

I'd have to say that the Great Bay Temple isn't harder per se, it's just more annoying. Most dread the Water Temple, at one point, I hated it but once you get used to the steps of raising/lowering the water levels, and where the keys are, you'll pwn Morpha in no time.


I can't really decided between these two. I feel like they are both difficult in their own ways, and equally difficult for me, so I'm going to be neutral on this situation. The Water Temple, I believe, had harder puzzles, but the Great Bay Temple was more confusing.


Apr 22, 2011
Great Bay temple was harder, I'm one of the few that thought the water temple was very easy and I think it's become a trend to say it's the hardest temple ever made.
The great bay temple was harder IMO because of the water currents system. In the Water Temple in OoT there were 3 levels and it was pretty easy to understand, You just needed a good memory to know where to go next.

However the GBT was very since you needed to go from one room to the other to change a current, Then your realize that it's the wrong current and you have to go back again, So it's both confusing AND annoying.



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Oct 8, 2011
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This is a really hard choice to make. They're both really hard but I'd have to say the Great Bay Temple. It's probably the most difficult dungeon of any Zelda game (at least in my opinion). It took me a long time to beat it, and the final boss "Gyrog" is definitly one of the most difficult. But the Water Temple is a close second. The boss was really easy though.

crazeh navi

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Aug 12, 2010
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If it weren't enough that the GBT is more complex and dynamic (not to mention the whole ice arrows and Zora elements), I also had a very tough time finding all the Stray Fairies, which was a bummer :|


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Nov 7, 2011
Ikana Canyon
Ive completed the water temple (with guidebook) and i could complete it without one. Ive never completed MM because im stuck on the GBT. I tried it and my friend who said it was easy got stuck. I think im at a point where we have now clue where i left off. (I hadn't played it for about 5 years when i started again.)


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Sep 27, 2011
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wow, that's a good question. I think it could go either way, but i played Oot AND Oot 3D and I thought that it got easier over time. but when we accidently erased our mm file (we were on the moon noooooooooo) and we got to GBT again It was definitely the exact same difficulty. couldn't do it w/o ZD walkthroughs though Thanks, ZD!


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
I think the Great Bay Temple is actually harder than the Water Temple. While it is easy to get lost in the Water Temple since it is basically one room with nearly twelve different branches, the puzzles in the Water Temple usually involve backtracking; a good example of this is the key you get by revisiting a room with the water level in the middle. The Great Bay Temple, however, revolves around flowing water; you use valves and even get to control a water turbine! For me, controlling water flow is more complicated than controlling water level, so that's why I had trouble in the Great Bay Temple the first time through MM.

Cel-Shaded Deku

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Jul 24, 2010
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I voted Water Temple but I change my mind. While the Great Bay Temple is slightly lacking in the difficulty of it's puzzles, in my opinion, it has two challenging mini bosses, rather than one, and a much much more difficult Boss. Not to mention that you can
use the hookshot to trap Morpha's Nucleus/eye thing in a corner and wail on it for an easy battle
but there's no cheap trick like that for Gyorg, as far as I know. He's so hard in fact that, even though I've already done it, I'm putting my 3 heart run of Majora's Mask on a short hiatus because I'm up to the Gyorg battle at the moment.


The Great Bay Temple is far more difficult. Having a penchant for exploring every nook and cranny in each temple I go to, I found that the Water Temple wasn't as difficult as many made it out to be because I don't like leaving a stone unturned. Where as, in the great bay temple, I even found the mini boss hard, but that might have been because I was playing it on an emulator/ a really broken old controller. But having said that, I much prefer the Great Bay temple regardless. It had a genuine feel to it that the water temple didn't have (it didn't have better dungeon music - disappointing), the water temple was just a bit of a slightly easy rubiks cube. I think the hardest part was running up the slope between the spike slidey things (their name escapes me at the moment) to the boss door.


state alchemist
Jun 13, 2011
they're both sort of easy once you know how to do them. then it becomes a matter of length. but the great bay temple was a pain to figure out

Links Brother

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Jul 12, 2011
They both give a large amount of difficulty, but I've got to say Great Bay Temple. I find the water temple more annoying than hard. Having to take on and than off the iron boots a billion times drives you crazy. The Great bay temple however had you going in circles trying hard to find out where you can change the water flow. I had no trouble with GBT though but that's more because I was looking on a guide the whole time.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Haha! Yes, the Great Bay Temple is WAY harder than the Water Temple. I mean let's start with the boss. Who's going to object that Morpha(Morpheel?) was easier than Gyorg was? I actually DIED fighting Gyorg. Now that's something rare to say about the 3D Zeldas. Next, the whole dungeon structure/design. This dungeon really squeezed out every last bit of brain power just to finish the first part. Due to my inexperience in Zelda, I needed to use the Caleb's walkthrough in order to complete it. This might be out of topic, but the dungeon made me use the Zora's ability to jump much more. It was embarrassing that I didn't know of the Zora's jumping ability until I watched the walkthrough. Yeah, but anyways back on topic. The different pipes did help you out a bit. It led you to places, on which where you should go. But after that, you just don't know where to go. If you've played Majora's Mask, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. This dungeon just punishes you in every turn. That's all I have to say.

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