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General Modern Which is Better, PH or ST?


Feb 7, 2011
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I wanting to buy one of them, but I've heard differing opinions on them. I would like to get the one with the better plot, more side-quests, harder enemies, and the more puzzling puzzles. Which one would you say that is?
Jul 6, 2011
Both games have pros and cons. PH was extremely easy. The dungeons are very linear and the enemies are easy to kill, but PH does have a lot of side quests. ST is a much more harder game and it has a better story in my opinion. ST isn't as hard as the older Zelda games, but I think it is harder than most modern Zelda games. You can control a phantom which is being taken over by Zelda, so there a major gameplay element in the game. There are fewer side quests though. PH has the better overworld and ST has the better underworld. PH has a better overworld in terms of exploration however I liked the train more. I do think you should get both of them since they are very good games and they have their own unique style , but I would go with ST since it is more challenging plus there is a take them all challenge to test your fighting skills.


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Apr 17, 2011
Hey, ElevenKinght, I do belive there's already a thread for this. . .Just F.Y.I. . ..
Jul 15, 2011
I prefer the freedom in PH with the boat rather than the train in SP. PH also had more dungeons and was a longer game and had better sidequests with the super spin attack and Spirit gem power-ups. I prefered the difficulty in ST but overall i liked PH more.


Jan 10, 2011
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If you want a more story-oriented game, get Phantom Hourglass. If you're looking for a more freelance game similar to Majora's Mask's overworld style, get Spirit Tracks. That's all I've got to say. I'm not gonna tell you which one to get. (Although I will say Spirit Tracks is the better of the two.)


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I've played through both game two times each.

More side-quests - From what I know, PH has more side-quests that ST.
Harder enemies - To me the enemies in the games are about equally hard.
More puzzling puzzles - I think the puzzles of ST are a little bit more challenging than the ones in PH.
Better plot - Definitely PH, it's a direct sequel to WW and it's an epic adventure. ST is great too though, but PH is a wee bit better.
So if I were you I'd play PH, but ST is definitely also a playable game!

Hope this helped! :)

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I say get both, because you need PH to help build the story ST. You can get PH without ST, but not ST without PH.
Jul 22, 2011
They're both very good, but I'm going to have to go with Spirit Tracks on this one.

The puzzles just seem more enjoyable to me, and of course, Zelda is friggin' awesome.

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