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Breath of the Wild What's your favourite weapon type?

What is your Melee type of choice?

  • One handed weapon. (Swords and rods)

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • Two handed weapons.

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • Spears.

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • Bows and Runes.

    Votes: 2 14.3%

  • Total voters
Jun 7, 2017
I think my favorite weapon to use is the tri-forked Lizal boomerang. It's fast and furious, and has a pretty decent damage rating and decent durability. However, the royal broadswords and lynel swords with really high damage are better, as they are almost as fast, but do so much more damage with each hit.

Now, getting into favorites of each "class" ... I will list below, but they all go to Savage Lynel items:
  • Favorite/Best one-hander: Savage Lynel Sword with 90+ damage rating
  • Favorite/Best two-hander: Savage Lynel Crusher with 100+ damage rating
  • Favorite/Best spear: Savage Lynel Spear with high damage rating
  • Favorite/Best Bow (for normal use - see below about ancient bow): Savage Lynel Bow with either 3 or 5 shot burst (if you look at the damage for each, they are CLOSE to the same. I'm not in front of my console, so I don't have the exact numbers ... but the damage per arrow on the 3-shot bows is higher than that of the 5 ... so the 5 IS stronger overall, but ONLY if you can hit your target with all 5 arrows at the same time - meaning, you have to be close to them. The 3-shot bow trumps the 5 with longer range shots, as you have a better chance of hitting 3 arrows, each with higher damage than that of the 5-shot version)
  • Favorite/Best Shield (for normal use - see below about ancient shield): Honestly, that easily goes to the Hylian shield (or Goddess, or whatever it is) ... the one with 800 durability. However, given the ability to do the perfect parry, a pot-lid will do just as well, since that eliminates any damage to the shield at all.
Don't get me wrong ... ancient weapons (Axes and Swords) are great on guardians ... and elemental weapons have their place. There are many other weapons I like besides my "favorites" ... but if we're all being fair here, the numbers don't lie. The durability and damage ratings on those high-end Savage Lynel weapons cannot be beaten.

ANCIENT BOW AND SHIELD: both the ancient bow and ancient shield are quite formidable, if going against guardians. The fact that the ancient shield requires no parry to reflect the laser from a guardian makes it an amazing shield to have. Likewise, the "range" of the ancient bow makes it a must-have for accurate long range shots ... which comes in VERY handy on both guardians AND for when you're farming dragon parts. It's pretty satisfying to be in slow-mo drawing the bow on the dragons and knowing you're going them right where you want, and get the "part" you want/need.


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Jul 5, 2017
Hey all,

BotW offers more than just the standard sword and shield weaponry, we also have two handed weapons and spears to choose from as well, not to mention you can get a lot of mileage from your bows and runes.

Based off of your experience, which weapon type do you prefer and why? Added bows and runes for variety.

For me, I stick mostly with the standard sword and shield combination. It gives a decently speedy attack, and you have the opportunity to parry as well. Also the flashiness of whipping out both a Guardian Sword and shield looks badass.

I'm not a huge fan of the two handed weapons aside from the "spin to win" necessities, I feel slower and more vulnerable. Don't mind the spears too much either, I just feel that they break too often.
Spears for me. They're quick and they have quite a reach. Also stabby stabby. And since I don't use shields anyway, I don't mind the tradeoff. Bows aren't melee weapons; they're ranged weapons, but I like bows with the quick shot bonus for the same reason I like spears. If I'm not using the Master Sword, I'll probably have a savage lynel spear equipped with a quickshot savage lynel bow. My favorite weapons.
You cant beat a classic sword and shield but ny vote goes to spears.

Spears helped me out with Thunderblight Ganon, i like how far they reach and how quickly you can attack with them. They also look pretty cool most of the time.

The very very very best thing about a spear is when you charge up an attack on horseback. I could spend hours doing that.


Jun 7, 2017
the present
I fight with anything and everything that deals damage so, I'll make the most of whatever I've got.

I've gotta say though, I barely even think about spin attacks except for Urbosa's Fury.


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Jul 5, 2017

I noticed you replied earlier and predicted a Lynel reference somewhere, glad I was right lol. Lynel weapons are badass.

The very very very best thing about a spear is when you charge up an attack on horseback. I could spend hours doing that.

I'll give you that one for sure, I also enjoy Link's epic "HUP HUP HUP HUP HUP HUP HUP HYAH" standing charge attack with the spear as well.


Freezing chill
Jan 8, 2015
I like and use spear the most. They are fast and light, unlike two- handed weapons, which very clunky to use. I like their reach, which helps a lot in horseback and in general combat. Most of them have cool desings, too, such as Lynel and guardian spears plus Royal halbergs. I also love the spinny thing Link does while charging on horseback. It really makes me feel like I'm charging right in to some grand battle

Plus the feeling and idea of stabbing Moblins righy into stomach makes me feel vicious.
Aug 28, 2016
Although not actually melee weapons, I do tend to prefer bows and runes, simply because they're good for stealth.
One handed weapons (primarily swords) I want to use more, purely so that I can practice with the shield more easily, as I don't use it as much as I probably should.
Two handed weapons (swords, clubs, axes, etc.) are what I tend to use for taking down larger enemies due to their higher attack.
Spears I'm not a big fan of... they just seem too weak to me, and the added range doesn't seem to make much difference with my style of playing.


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Oct 28, 2012
2H feel the most effective but...honestly, I'm not digging the fact that all these weapons are just gimped versions of the classic sword.
Oct 14, 2013
@NinJa The forum search function is your friend.
Better two topics about the same thing than none right? I'll partake in your topic as well.

Quoted from the topic I made.
I actually them all for different reasons. If I had to pick one, I'd pick Two Hand weapons because vs lots of silver moblins and bokoblins the whirlwind I think it is so good. Also the higher attack makes world bosses easier. You only need a faster weapon for a few other random enemies.


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Jul 5, 2017
I didn't want to revive a two month old thread that was recently just posted in a month prior. Didn't want to seem like I was necro posting lol.

Tried searching for melee weapons as well and didn't see anything. Fair enough, my bad.
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