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General Modern What You Suck at in Zelda Games.

Feb 23, 2011
Walking at steady pace on thin, narrow paths usually high up, near a cliff, or in the air; like a bridge.

I have problems with timed missions or tasks as well; though, I don't necessarily "suck" at them, per se. It's just I get all hyped up when time's running out, which usually causes me to screw up and have to start all over. :dry:


The Goron Racing. Every single time a Goron hits me, and I lose at the end. Every. Single. Time. The times I won can be counted on a hand.
Oh, and I've nightmares about Gyorg.

Caleb, Of Asui

I generally like to think I'm pretty good at video games in general, although I used to be absolutely terrible. I still have trouble with some types of games like racing games and strategy games (and FPSs with some control schemes), but with Zelda games I usually do just fine. I tend not to know what the game over screen looks like most of the time.

I do kind of have trouble with some things in Zelda. I'm no expert at stealth, so the sneaking sections in some of the games at least make me really, really nervous, although most of the time I get past them just fine. xP I also get really nervous in some of the things with limited control like in Majora's Mask when you're riding the milk cart and being chased by the Garo brothers, or in Twilight Princess that one part... that was mentioned by someone above. I really need to replay that game. >_< There's also the part of Majora's Mask where all the aliens come to Romani Ranch. I get extremely nervous, but in recent experiences I get past all of these just fine. I don't usually have too hard of a time with many things in Zelda, I just feel like I'm having a hard time.


Apr 29, 2011
I don't
I'm pretty good at Zelda in general...I'm pretty good with all forms of the bow, I'm good at 100%ing Zelda game because I do use a guide (only way it can be done quick and effient), I have never had trouble with any dungeon/temple, but I suck majorly with the bombs. The one thing I can't do to save my life is get a bomb where I need it. In Dodongo's Cavern, it took me 3 hours to get the bomb on the ledge to get through (biggest reason I HATE OoT). Bomb arrows in TP I can use, Blast Mask in MM I can use, but regular bombs..........I HATE BOMBS!! TEY R SOOO ANNOYIN!!!!


Who needs a shield?
Jul 27, 2011
I'm terrible at collecting Golden Bugs, Poe Souls, Golden Skulltulas, etc.
I hate how in OOT you need to collect at least 10-30 to beat the game. :mad:

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