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Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?


Gimme a Break
Dec 27, 2011
I usually try hard mot to swear, but one time I was fighting Bongo Bongo, and I kept losing because the controller had a problem where like, it moves you in a direction you don't want to go. It kept doing that, and one time I was finally going to beat him when, at the last second, it did that and made Link walk right off the edge. Dx I was so mad I said a pretty horrible thing to poor Bongo Bongo. Luckily, I didn't get in trouble because I was at my friends house, and they don't care. ^^


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
alot of things make me swear.. lol it normaly dosn't take me alot to swear uncontrolably at the tv lol! so even when an enemy looked at me i would go off in a string of curse words and kill it lol.. then i would end it with a "yeah!! stay down!!" the worst for me were the redeads because they scared me so much! lol!! I would try to run away repeating the s word consatntly..
i used to be in the navy and when i was in my curseing was waaayyy worse though maybe thats not such a viable excuse so I'm trying my hardest to watch my mouth more so yeah lol..

Deku Nut

I agree with MiloulovesZelda, except the fire temple part? I agree because of those shadow temple spiders! And shadow temple Fans! those fans peeved me of! But most of all, and I dont think anyone can beat this is.......

When you have epona and your an adult, you go see Malo and she says that if you beat a lap around the course and jump all the fences she will give you a big prize! It costs rupees to play. I can see how the course would be hard even if you were a master. She says you win the prize if you beat it in less than 50 seconds. Now this is the part that makes me swear, trying really hard and finally you get the time of.....50 SECONDS! NO PRIZE FOR GETTING EQUAL RECORD!!! AGH


Sep 6, 2011
Hyrule (United States)
Ugh. In the fire temple, and you're in that room really high above all the others, (It has a narrow path that leads to two different doors, and there is an eye switch up there.) I almost always accidentally sprint off the edge, all the way down to the main room. Then I have to go all the way back up. I hate that part.
Jan 11, 2012
When one of those Gosh Darn Mother Freaking hands falls from the ceiling and brings me back to the start of the temple. Really, just take a heart for the love of God.


Jiyeon's Zombie
Jan 13, 2012
*boots up game*
*game says I haven't done it*

Dec 19, 2011
The thing that always makes me curse and cry every single time I play through Ocarina of Time is the God-Forbidden Water Temple. There's always one room I can never remember where it's at and I get enraged because I can't remember where it's at! haha
Sep 2, 2011
I swear a lot. And not just at this game, but at ALL the games. When I just start playing, it's alright, but eventually, when all the small mistakes and error continue to count up, I just kinda burst, and all my anger comes out at once. And then, whenever I make the most simple, stupid mistake - like falling off a platform - I get so mad that I just keep swearing and swearing. It's kinda pathetic, I know. That's just how I play.

Dragon Master

Master of Dragon Pokemon
Oct 10, 2011
The ozone layer flying with Rayquaza
I always had trouble using the items. For example, I could have the bow as the downward c-stick motion, the ocarina as the left c-stick motion, and the Lens of Truth as the right c-stick motion. Now let's say I'm fighting an enemy that needs to be hit with the arrow such as Bongo Bongo. I have my arrow ready to fire when... F*** F*** F***. I accidently hit the c-stick to the left and pulled out my ocarina. Now Bongo Bongo is going to hit me. F*** S*** D*** it!
Dec 21, 2011
Getting hit by Gorons walking up Death Mountain.

I'm trying to help them and all they do is inhibit my progress.

I get mad bro.


The big poes are annoying, the fishing is ********, but those are all just so difficult I just give up. No, the one thing for me is the shooting gallery. Every time I hit eight or nine rupees... r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-RAAAARRR!

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