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What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?


Friend & Protector of the Forest Sage
Nov 18, 2016
- 54" Life Size Saria plushie
- 14" custom Saria plushie
- 4" custom Saria plushie
- Framed Link & Saria fan art
- Breath of the Wild Link plushie
- Saria vinyl decal
- Saria figurine from the Japanese OoT figurine set w/ card
- Saria T-Shirt
- Saria shotglass
- Custom Saria fabric satchel
- OoT English Manga by Viz Media
- Fan-made Japanese OoT Manga
- How to Draw Legend of Zelda Book
- Hyrule Historia
- Legend of Zelda charm box
- Foam Master Sword
- World of Nintendo Toon Link
- World of Nintendo Toon Ganondorf
- Mini OoT Princess Zelda figurine
- World of Nintendo Wind Waker sets (x2)
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Gerudo Theif
Nov 13, 2016
The Desert
Symphony of the Goddesses on CD, a ton of shirts depicting different Zelda games, a replica of the Master Sword made of fiberglass and resin, a few necklaces, 7 hole tenor Ocarina of Time, and a few decals for my car and laptop. I made TP/SS Link's blue earrings as well.

Also, I ordered some posters from Pixel Empire. I also plan to get a Zelda-themed saddle for my horse.
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Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
Pan-decepticon-transdeliberate-selfidentifying-sodiumbased-extraexistential-temporal anomaly
The Twilight Princess manga is in at B&N! :)
I only got volume 1 because I'm poor :(

srsly, tho? Three volumes???


You Are The Light
Feb 7, 2018
Hyrule Kingdom
A ton of clothing (shirts, hoodies, etc), a couple posters, air fresheners for my car, keychains, a plush WW Link along with a couple of figurines, Wolf Link amiibo, a bunch of books, two necklaces, triforce decal for my car, a few glasses/cups/mugs, probably other stuff I'm forgetting..

Eventually I'll have the ultimate thing.. a tattoo!

Nov 17, 2014
I let my bro buy the merch and then I use it, because I'm cheap.
But I bought a T-shirt from Newbury Comics.

Princess Niki

Staff member
Aug 27, 2011
I just found my original post and boy have I gotten a lot of Zelda merch since I still have the Lon Lon shirt and that Hylian Shield Mint Case is around here somewhere. I also have a Link's Speedy Lawn Service, Hylian Crest, Team Bomby, Team Cult Train, Team Fish, 12 Days of Zelda, Wolf Link Digging and A Dog Dressed up as Link for my Tee Collection; A lot of those are from Marathons.

I have all but 4 of the amiibo. A makar plush, Master Sword, Zelda Themed Pokeballs, SS Heart Container necklace, an OoT, a couple of lanyards from comic con, and a Rocs Cape. My Switch case is the BOTW case.

I have lost track of which manga I own but I do have all 3 TP books since they are the most recent ones I have gotten. I also have the A Link to the Past comic that came out years ago.



Well well well
Jul 5, 2017
I have a few Zelda shirts, a keychain, and some amiibo's. Nothing too much, however I'd love to find a slim fitting phone case. Most of them are just too bulky for my phone.

Hyrulian Hero

Zelda Informer Codger
Oct 6, 2016
Crap-tons. Not my dream zelda collection yet but a decent haul anyway. My favorites probably being an unopened BotW Master Edition because of the story, an Oracle of Seasons choose-your-own-adventure book because of the childish sense of wonder, and an unopened WWHD WiiU because of the value.
Jan 1, 2019
Lots of clothing as well, from t-shirts to boxers and swimwear, Link's statue from Skyward Sword, a little chest with small Zelda props in it, a mug, an ocarina, a book... I think that is about it :)

Edit: I now remember that I did not list everything yet, but it is better that I do not list those items that I forgot... :err:
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Hyrulian Hero

Zelda Informer Codger
Oct 6, 2016
Picked us Prima guide for Phantom Hourglass with the poster still inside in great condition for $3.50 the other day. I got my wife a tiny bronze howling stone for her charm necklace after she beat TP. I've got OoT, MM, SS bundle, OoT/MQ, CE, and FSA bundle all sealed.
Feb 13, 2019
All Zelda Amiibo
The three main Zelda books
All Zelda Figma
All Zelda Nendoroid
Dark Horse TP Link and TP Ganondorf statue
F4F BotW Link statue
Some World of Nintendo figures
Most of the manga
Some plushies
Two TP wall decorations

That’s all that’s coming to mind right now.

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