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What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

Oct 2, 2016
One of my favorite Zelda items is this one that I received for free about 2 years ago. Now it is more relevant than ever before!

Monja Elisa

Hyrulean Princess
Mar 21, 2015
Hey guys!
so its me again, back with a new thread... :)
so for all of us, we know zelda is awesome... and ofcourse we cant seem to stop ourselves from collecting and adding games and figurines to our collections!
as for me, the last zelda related item I bought, is this!

doesnt matter wether it was a game, or a cd..... or even a gameboxprotector to protect the beauties! <3

here is the last thing I bought;
A completely Mint version, with all original manuals and even comes with the original coding unused! :) Yippe, always feels great to add more to my collection!!! :zelda:


"Look at those sideburns...that's true grit!"
Oct 7, 2016
Hyrule Historia, link welcome mat, t shirt, link outset island plushie. Surprisingly no amiibos, although I would get the wolf link if you could buy it separate from the game since I don't own a wii U.
Oct 5, 2016
I have the...

-At least one physical version of every canon Zelda game and the consoles to play them on
-Hyrule Historia
-All of the Manga so far
-The Link to the Past graphic novel
-All six issues of The Legend of Zelda from Valiant comics
-The complete TV series
-The CDi games and all other noncanon spin-offs
-All amiibos released to date
-Zelda 3DS carry pack with two stylus (Master Sword and Hylian Shield)
-Zelda Game Watch
-A Zelda themed car key hook board with the Old Man saying "its dangerous to go alone, take this"

What I plan to aquire in the near future would be...

-Art and Artifacts
-Twilight Princess Manga
-All new amiibo as they are released
-All Zelda based Nintendo Adventure books
-A razor sharp replica of the Master Sword with a Hylian Sheild


Secretly a cat
Oct 8, 2016
Not really merhandise but I crocheted myself a Link toy he just needs his sword and shield and then he'll be done. I'm trying to add a pic but it's telling me that the file is too big :( I also have the skyward sword hoodie

Roger Rad

The Fabulous One
Oct 6, 2016
ok my list:
  • F4F Red Link
  • F4F Sheik
  • F4F Skull Kid
  • Link Amiibo
  • Toon Link Amiibo
  • Sheik Amiibo
  • Zelda Amiibo
  • Ganondorf Amiibo
  • Majora's Mask replica
  • Zelda Lenticular 3D Link
  • Legend of the Hero - Hardback
  • Legends of Localization Book 1: The Legend of Zelda
  • Legends of Localization: Passport to the Legend of Zelda
  • Metal Majora's Mask poster
  • Master sword
  • Real Action Heroes - Link
  • Wind Waker linen print
  • Fierce Deity puzzle
  • Wind Waker puzzle
  • Million Dollar Bill
  • Hyrule Historia - Japanese edition
  • Hyrule Historia - English edition
  • Wind Waker HD Limited Edition
  • Wii U Wind Waker edition
  • Hyrule Warriors: Legends - Limited Edition
  • Legend of Zelda Box Set
  • Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition
  • Ceramic ocarina
  • Zelda bathrobe
  • Nendoroid Link Majora's Mask 3D
  • Nendoroid Link Wind Waker HD
  • Figma Link Skyward Sword
  • Twilight Princess HD + Amiibo
  • Wolf Link Beanie Plush
  • Vans Zelda/Parisian Night Slip-on shoes
  • Microland - King of Red Lions
  • Microland - Outset Island
I know for sure that this is incomplete, as there are no posters on here. I also removed some unidentifiable names of it. Sad thing is that most of it is still boxed until I get an actual house to display it ;_;

Amy Lu Minati

The Triangle conspiracy
Oct 3, 2016
I've got a MM wallet. I also made myself a link hat. Zelda Monopoly and T-shirt as well.
Oct 19, 2016
Before having a baby and downsizing, I used to have much more, including multiple strategy guides and a replica Master Sword, but currently I have a LoZ t-shirt, a Link and Wolf Link Amiibo, and the Link to the Past comic book originally printed in Nintendo Power.
Oct 11, 2016
I have a good amount of the World of Nintendo mini figures as well as the WON 6" Link. I have Link, Ganondorf and Wolf Link amiibos. I also have the Skyward Sword WiiMote and the Skyward Sword Link statue released at GameStops.
Oct 24, 2016
PEZ Link
3 toon link plushies
Link wallet case for the 3ds (Even though I own no 3ds)
zelda bracelets
2 sweatbands
vans zelda edition
hyrule warrios scarf
about 5 different shirts
little toy collectibles hot topic sold
use to own a lollipop but my sister ate it xD
and a toy shield that was full of candy

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