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What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

Jun 2, 2012
I have a triforce shirt and I got some ocarinas for Christmas. If books count, I'm getting Hyrule Historia. I'm trying to get games, then other merchandise

Heroine of Time

Rest in peace, Paris Caper...
Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Let's see...

-I have a lot of posters – both sets from Club Nintendo, and some smaller ones that came with the Nintendo Power Zelda Collector's Special. There's also one from the Symphony of the Goddesses.
-I have the golden Wii remote from Skyward Sword.
-Both my DSi and 3DS have Zelda covers. (DSi is a sticker TP one, the 3DS is the green OoT 3D hard case)
-I own strategy guides for Phantom Hourglass and Skyward Sword.
-I own all nine the official manga by Akira Himekawa.
-I have a few Twilight Princess trading cards that my friend bought me at Nintendo World in New York.
-There's a How to draw Zelda characters book.
-An Ocarina of Time T-Shirt.
-Symphony of the Goddesses T-shirt.
-Link and Linebeck Phantom Hourglass figurines.
-An OoT 3D keychain on my purse.
-The Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack (that came when you register the game early on Club Nintendo)
-A Zelda piano music book

And, um, uh... That's all I can think of. ^^ I wish I had an ocarina... or a Link plush... or a Master Sword...

Got some more stuff since then!

-I got that Toon Link plush I wanted so badly
-Another SS poster as a Club Nintendo platinum reward (I have too many Zelda posters now. I can't fit them all on my wall. :()
-Just today I got another one of those PH gasha figurines, this time the Phantom
-A Phantom Hourglass stylus for my DS
-Hyrule Historia is preordered
-Golden Nunchuck from Club Nintendo
-Hylian Shield mints
-And my favorite, ever: a button that, when pressed, will make either the get item or get treasure noise from PH. Took it with me on Halloween when I was dressed as Zelda and used it every time I got candy... :D

My poor green crystal armor for my 3DS has really taken a beating, I must say. You can hardly see Epona anymore, and the logo's just barely hanging on. D: My friend recently made me a duct tape case for my DS (with Navi and a Triforce on it) so hopefully that will protect it a bit.

Also not sure why I said "all NINE" of the official manga last time... I have ten. XD



I've been making all sorts of little items for Zelda fans... here is my newest project... curious to get some input on it and see what fans like and dislike or would like to see added...
Jun 14, 2011
Apart from all the Zelda games except Four Swords Adventures, I have a Legend of Zelda logo T-shirt and recently I got a Legend of Zelda 2013 Calender, That was the best Christmas present I got this year. :)

I did used to have Ocarina of Time action figures, but they seem to have disappeared... quite mysteriously actually.


Airbending Slice!
Dec 6, 2008
New Albany, Indiana
I made this thread all the way back in 2009...and my list has certainly grown since then!

- Hylian Shield Replica
- Smaller Hylian Shield Display with two small Master Swords behind it
- Hylian Shield Mints
- Hylian Shield Flash Drive - 32GB
- Several T-shirts
- Master Sword Replica
- Razor Sword Replica
- Ocarina of Time Replica
- An Amazing Link Cosplay
- Minish Cap Hat (Elzo)
- A Slingshot that I painted to look like the Fairy Slingshot
- Several Manga Books
- Mirror Shield Replica (sort of)
- Majora's Mask Replica
- Two Triforce Keychains
- Toon Link Plush
- Zelda 2013 Calendar
- Triforce Beanie
- Gold Wii Remote (As well as the gold nunchuk and classic controller pro, even if they aren't technically Zelda they still match in color)
- An Empty Bottle
- Triforce Wallet
- A Deku Shield Replica that I made myself (and I sometimes list them on eBay, they aren't half-bad really)
- A Magical Shield Replica that I also made myself that I am not too proud of
- Triforce Backpack
- A few Strategy Guides
- A Twilight Princess Mouse Pad
- A Baseball Cap that I might consider selling
- Gale Boomerang Replica (it's just a foam cosplay prop that I obtained at a convention)

I think that's it...Wow, I've been working on this collection for over three years now, and it all started with the Hylian Shield all the way back in 2009 for my 15th birthday. The calendar, keychains, and plush were all Christmas gifts this year.
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Lord Carlisle

He Who Shall Not be Named
Sep 9, 2012

I recommend incorporating the symbols for Courage, Wisdom, and Power onto it somehow...

I have a t-shirt and poster for The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses... that's it, though.
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
An ocarina, and that's about it! However, I'm making a clay Majora's Mask replica, as well as a Spirit Train office helper(y'know, you make the passenger car roof out of sticky notes, a removable eraser canon, put paper clips in the freight car, and tacks in the back of the engine), and of course I'll be painting my whole room Zelda themed. What more could a Zelda freak ask for but to look at one shelf and see the Spirit Tracks, another and view a stone wall standing in a blue Twilight... And to wake up in the middle of the night to see the Moon staring at you... I also have a slingshot, quite an effective one at that, and a bow with a lov-er-ly quiver. And a perfect, perfect, ZOMN It's flawless Toon Zelda dress! And the rest of that costume! Handmade in eight days, the sash is hand-painted, and the necklace was handmade from plastic jewels, too. Pointy ears and all. It was so hard to finish, but we did it.


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Two things that I haven't posted in this thread before:
A small Link candy dispenser that I recieved in my Christmas stocking:
A custom Zelda plaque with my name on it that I won:
(Photobucket, why you no let me resize photos on iPhone?)


trollin for booty
Sep 29, 2009
- OoT limited art 3DS
- tetra minifig
-gorons minifig
- linebeck minifig
- 8 small posters
- 3 large posters from club nintendo
- a belt buckle
- hylian shield mint container
- one shirt

- my cosplay from emerald city comicon.
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Nov 21, 2012
I have a few T-shirts with the hyrule crest or triforce, got the inspiration to buy after I saw how good they looked on Christina Grimmie the youtube singer. :)

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