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What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

Which is your favorite eye color?

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Apr 9, 2010
Inspired by a recent discussion I had in the Shoutbox, I decided to make this thread. Which typical human eye color is your favorite? (This includes colors like red or red-violet that occur in case such as albinism.) Out of the eye colors brown, hazel, blue, green, gray, amber, or red-violet, which tickles your fancy and why?

My favorite eye color is blue. My favorite color just so happens to be blue, and I find the color to be very beautiful. I tend to be more attracted to people with blue eyes than to people with any other eye color. There are some shades of blue eyes that I don't particularly like. Sometimes when blue eyes have other colors mixed in, I don't favor them as much. I also prefer light blue eyes to "regular" blue eyes, if that makes any sense.

My second favorite eye color is light brown/caramel brown. I'm actually rather fond of my eye color; even though it's common brown, the shade is almost my perfect shade of brown - lightish but still very obviously brown.

What is your favorite eye color? What is your eye color? Would you like to change your eye color? What do you think of genetically engineering in new and zany eye colors?


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May 26, 2010
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My favorite eye color is...you guessed it, any color. I don't have a preference; that one amazing girl would be beautiful with blue, green, brown, hazelnut...whatever color eyes. Similarily, that amazing boy would be beautiful with yellow, red, etc eyes. All eye colors are awesome. :yes:

I live in the brown eyes.

I'm not into zany eye colors, personally, but hey if its your fix then go with it.
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Sep 19, 2011
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My favourite is pink, it really brings out the sexyness within. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. (Hitler if you are watching, Yes I am free, call me ;) )
Finally I would not change my eye colour because my eyes are good enough as they are.
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My favorite eye color is hazel which happens to be my own. The green vibe it produces is most enthralling. Also, it's not a common eye color which leads to me appreciate it even more. My runner-up would have to be blue eyes. And not it's not because I love the Yu-Gi-Oh! card dragon of the same name. I've always thought the combination of light blonde hair and blue eyes to be dazzling.

Eye color is a trivial trait and even if I was unsatisfied with my current one I probably wouldn't alter it. Genetically engineering in new eye colors does sound dazzling. Imagine rainbow eyed people.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I don't have a favorite eye color, but I choose brown. Brown is my eye color, and I'd never change it. Although I wonder what I'd look like with a different eye color.

I lied, I want rainbow eyes.


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Feb 8, 2011
This is pretty much in the "eye of the beholder" for me. :P

But I like both blue—mainly sapphire blue or a very clear blue—and green—mostly emerald or hazel-ish. Depending on how someone's hair is framed, that's typically how I notice the sharpness of eye color. But eye color itself doesn't catch my fancy; it also extends to and is subjective to facial expressions around the eyes. The person could be grinning, and their eyes reflecting the joy of that smile, or mulling over something, and their eyes turn pensive and thoughtful. I think expression is definitely an attribute that exceeds appearance in this case.
Sep 10, 2011
I don't have a major preference, but I do really like just plain brown eyes. It's what I'm used to, I really know only one or two people with a different eye color than that . . .
I do have a weird thing with how eye color and hair match up though. I really like when hair and eye colors sort of "go together". Lighter colors look better together, as do darker colors, in my opinion. Blue eyes and brown hair seem strange to me . . .


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Oct 8, 2011
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Without a doubt, my favorite eye color is brown. I’m not sure why, but I find brown eyes on a woman much more attractive than any other eye color. Blue is also very pretty, but brown is just so beautiful; very profound and very majestic.


Jul 26, 2010
Personally, I like all color eyes and I think everyone could have beautiful eyes no matter the colour. This is a picture of my eye:


It is basically blue with a brown ring around the pupil.

I'd have to say the eye colour I like the most is gray because it has so many variations to it and can be extremely beautiful. Purple eyes would be amazing as well if you can find someone with rare violet eyes. Brown, Green and Blue eyes are pretty close, I just like the look of gray eyes.

Also I just found this eye and I'm in love with it
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Jan 31, 2010
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Personally, I like all color eyes and I think everyone could have beautiful eyes no matter the colour.

QFT. I agree, the way an individual eye carries a colour is just as important as the colour itself.

Anyway, I don't know if eyes can actually be grey, but I think if there were grey eyes, they would probably reflect in some interesting ways. I've always liked eyes that seemed to change colour based on the lighting, and I don't know if these are grey, hazel, or some other colour. I like interesting eyes with complex patterns or unusual responses to light, regardless of what color they are.

As far as "normal" eye colors, one of my favorites has always been green. Perhaps it's because my Aunt had green eyes, or maybe it's just the intelligent look they have.
I've always been fascinated by albinism and the eye colors associated with it. Though it's more uncommon than complete albinism, there is such thing as partial albinism in humans. Some pigment is present, but hardly. If the co-recessive traits both show, the red-pinkish eyes will blend with a pale blue pigment, resulting in violet eyes. I personally, find that awesome. Uncommon eye colors would be so awesome to have as a natual eye color because it's so mysterious.

Heterochromia is another eye color thing I find interesting. I have a friend with it; one eye is green, the other blue... but they are so close in color, it's hardly noticeable.

(...The only reason I would say amber eyes @poll, would be... *coughganicough*)

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