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What Happened to the Kikwis?


Gwoh hoh hoh!
I like the theory of them evolving into Deku Scrubs. Especially since their "plant" thing looks like the bush on the land octorocks in SS - and land octoroks are just deku scrubs with another name. :P

OR, they might be hiding in those forests that we see OoB but can't access. You can glitch oob, of course, but then the area isn't loaded, so any NPCs won't be loaded either, so you'll never see them. :P
Jun 16, 2012
Faron Woods
This is horrifying!!!! :(
Whatever happened to them, it's either they evolved into a new species or........ they died out.
Kikwis do have a chance of survival, camouflage and I doubt Hylians would eat them.
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
Lol that's awesome. Bored with being female...turns male...I have a feeling if people could do that in real life, there'd be more guys than girls in the population. Because...a certain thing that happens once a month to girls...sucks.

Some animals can switch gender, so your theory is possible.


That is an awesome theory, though. Like everyone else says... I think they evolved drastically. Into the Kokiri.

Maybe I'll *** back alter and edit this to explain every detail of how I'd explain it. For now, I have to run.


Jul 1, 2012
I like the idea that they are early versions of the Deku Scrubs however one cannot ignore a possible connection between them and the Kokiri tribe. I know what you're thinking, how could these plant like animals become child like beings? However we know that the Kokiri tribe actually adapted to become the Korok tribe in the Wind Waker.

This was obviously because of the great flood and one of the key reasons was the ability to fly at the hands of the Deku Leaf, as it would enable then to avoid the water and climb to the mountain tops at the time the flood was incoming. Now the Korok are actually tree like beings, a pretty big contrast from the Kokiri right? I would say that the time difference between SS and OoT was significantly more than OoT and TWW, so who is to say that the Kikwi didn't in fact become the Kokiri. We have the Kikwi seen with Hylia in the opening prologue as a sort of sage figure, much like the Kokiri are a race involved with the sages. There is also similarities with the names, Kokiri-Korok-Kikwi and the fact that both reside in the forest.

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