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  • yes; it was a club, it was Holy Club I think, an i've completed the game.
    funny fact: i've never used any arms i've got... or orbiters, only bows, blades, claws, clubs, and staffs!
    I'm using a bow, i'd be lots better with claws, I have had claws, but fused em' then converted em' to hearts.
    I'm trying to get claws with the power level of 300+ the bow i'm using is 301... I've had a wepon with 302, It made me REALLY slow, but in flight battle I just had to stand there (even on highest intensity) to win, its like a baseball bat :p
    I also have Mario Kart 7, Zelda OoT 3D, Kingdom Hearts : Re: Coded, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Time & Darkness (its somwhere...), Pokemon Black, and Pokemon Rumble Blast.
    I've completed them all.

    (can't wait for news for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3D game!)
    sure, we can trade FCs my 3Ds FC is: 0774 - 5013 - 9506
    whats yours?

    My newest game is Kid Icarus: Uprising (< got on my B-day)
    I'm getting
    Heros Of Ruin soon. (with left-over B-day money ($68.00) )
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