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What Class Are You?



So, theres a decent chance that the same question has been asked, but when it comes to games, what playstyle is yours? It doesnt really matter what kind of game we're talking about, whether action or rpg, just tell me your favorite class and any game in particular that you enjoy them in.

In Guild Wars I love the Warrior, and this is the class i generally go for in most MMOs. Also, anything akin to a dark priest, or poison medic in games, is a definite plus for me.The damage dealt by the two classes is awesome, And both classes offer faster paced combat and lest casting time than other classes like mages.
In shooters in general i'll usually either go for the engineer class (and NOT just in tf2...) or any quick moving class thats light on their feet. I love the strategic element to placing a turret, but even better is when the engineer type class has mobile robots that can be deployed for a short time (like in global agenda.) Also, the quick moving classes just give you an adrenaline rush, and are basically pure badassery when pulled off well.

So, in the case that this isnt a repost and im not denied and embarrased, what class are you? sniper? soldier? healer? stealth? demolitions? paladin? ;)


Hylian Thief
Jul 16, 2010
It's a secret to everybody
When it comes to RPGs I usually like to play as male characters, especially ones who fight with swords...

Right now the only class based game I play is Team Fortress 2, where I usually play as Pyro, Engi or Medic, depending on what map is being played.


Randomus Pervertus
May 13, 2010
Well my main character in WoW is a warrior, which means randomly killing stuff or acting as a meat shield P:

Mindless destruction FTW?


The Most Interesting Man
Oct 13, 2008
Well my main character in WoW is a warrior, which means randomly killing stuff or acting as a meat shield P:

Don't forget being kited around and generally toyed with by mages. P:

Anyway, I'm a paladin, specifically prot. I like to keep people alive.

Peace Of Heart

Piece of Heart Collector
Oct 26, 2010
On every game I play my play style is always with Magic. Specifically with healing and the general combat magic.

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