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What Annoyed You Today?


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
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There is a special place in Hell for any used video game store that does this. I want this game to look good on a shelf dammit, and your ugly eyesore of a sticker is completely unnecessary. It’s bad enough when someone puts the sticker on the case itself instead of on top of a new sleeve like any reasonable person, but noooo you just had to go stick it on the box art itself. Now, not only does it leave this gross sticky residue on it, but if I try to take it off it’s going to remove the ink from the artwork. At that point why not just take a sharpie and write “USED GAME THAT’S WORTH SIGNIFICANTLY LESS MONEY” all over the cover?

Seriously, screw anyone who does this.


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This is the third night in a row that I've had no appetite for dinner despite not eating all day. I know it's anxiety but why is it lasting this long? I'm TIRED of it.
I ate nothing but dinner for two days in a row this week and yeah, I get this. I have a bad habit of doing that and then eating like 2 bites of my dinner bc I can't bring myself to eat any more.


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Myself, for failing to be a functioning human being.
Story Time.
Today, my mom sent me to rite aid to buy 1 black poster board and 2 blue ones. I go, find the black one but no blue. I text her to see if she wanted 3 black ones, but she doesn't reply so I just grab the 1 and go to checkout.
I stand awkwardly at checkout for a minute being completely ignored until another customer shows up and the cashier says "Oh, registers aren't working. You can checkout at pharmacy". The fine, that's all good. I go wait in the pharmacy line in the back of the store.
As I'm waiting, I hear the first cashier say "Hey". I turn around and she's in the middle of the store. She makes a 'follow me gesture and starts walking towards the register. I figure they must have been fixed so I start to follow. But then, I start thinking. What if she wasn't talking to me? What if she was talking to a pharmacy tech? So I panic and duck back into the paper aisle. But NOW I'm extra lost. Because if she WAS talking to me it'll look weird if I just... stopped following her. So by now I'm having a panic attack and I text my best friend "WHAT DO I DO" but she isn't online. I think about grabbing another poster like that was my intention, but my mom only needed ONE black one. And if I did grab 2 and walk over there what if they weren't talking to me and the register is still broken and and I look weird coming over because she just told me to go to pharmacy. But I can't go BACK to pharmacy bc what if it is fixed? And I just ignored the cashier? And in the middle of my mental breakdown I put the poster baCK AND WALK OUT OF THE STORE NOW I HAVE NO POSTER BOARDS and in summary I regret every single one of my life's choices thanks.
When I came back my mom was like "oh they didn't have any?" And I couldn't even go along with that to save face bc I had already texted her saying they had black poster boards. :rosa:

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I found two deals on laptops that I could actually afford, both times I was about to check out and the deal expired. The first time because the deal was on a timer and by time I got to checkout it was no longer listed at the same price. Second time was through Walmart, got to checkout, got an alert that there was only 1 of the laptops in stock left, then instead of letting me just buy as a guest it wanted me to sign in and I forgot my password. By time I reset it was out of stock. Now I have one last option but I can't even do it now because my bank put a hold on my card because of all the times I tried buying the laptop from walmart and the purchase was rejected because of the sell out.

I'm ****ing done, the universe doesn't want me to get what I need at a good price. I went from having a great deal to slightly worse deals but still decent, to now even the just settling deal I can't get. It's 2 AM now, I wasted so much time, and I'm in such a bad mood now.

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