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What Annoyed You Today?


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feeling extremely insecure about my appearance, specially my body lately

it feels like it's somewhat deformed for the past couple weeks, kinda bloated and disproportionate; and yesterday like three people made some weird comments about it (two of them were kinda nice, but I'm pretty it was mainly outta politeness because they're sweethearts lol) which definitely tells me something is wrong with it now

I should prolly go back at hitting the gym soon maybe :nottoday:


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Jun 22, 2016
I stinking hate it in the caf i wanna walk out but if i walk out i lose job and found out someones chamged her hiurs...

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Probably all worked up over nothing, but I just had a conversation earlier that reminded me that they cut art programs when I was in middle and high school.

Besides that being a general tragedy, it hit me hard at the time in ways I never even thought, being young and naive. See, my city has a really good international college of the arts, and that was my dream college growing up. But because they cut the art programs for the public school systems while I was in school, that took away a potential scholorship pathway that there used to be.

This is definitely my own fault, because I could have been using my spare time to make art for a portfolio, but I do blame the cutting of arts for leaving me with no motivation to craft a portfolio. Being in art classes would have given me structure to actually get it done, whereas without real assignments my lazy nature was bound to take over. Leaving High School I had nothing close to a portfolio ready.

Besides all that, the price to get into the college I wanted to attend was insane so I would have needed student loans, and to have been ok with massive debt for a majority of my adult life, and I wasn't keen on that scenario.

So yeah, my dream was ruined and never had a chance to flourish. It's only within the last two years that I'd say my life is maybe getting on the track I want it to be on. I just didn't ever imagine I'd be almost 30 and not set into a real career yet... :goron:

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Not today but recently.

I hate when sites give you a discount code when you make an account/sign up for emails/buy stuff, but you can't use it in combination with any other promo/discount. But the site is always doing some kind of sale or whatever, so the discount is pretty much useless.

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