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What Annoyed You Today?


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Yesterday while looking for something I found a 3DS case for Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns. I was excited to play it and opened it today, only to discover it contained 7 educational DS games and not the game I was looking for. None of our other DS cases had it either, most were empty anyway. Why doesn't anyone ever put these back where they belong? Seeing the case just got my hopes up for nada!
Fell on my way back up from the river earlier today, and I'm worried I may have hit my camera when I did, because of course I was down by the river taking pictures and my camera was on me when I went down. I'm really unsure if it's okay or not, and it's doing something weird on startup that is not helping my paranoia at all. It's still taking pictures though, so... idk. I just wish I weren't such a dumbass.

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