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What Annoyed You Today?


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I've spent the last 2 months working on sewing a purse for my sister for her wedding made from the fabric of my mom's old wedding dress. I was hoping to have it finished for her birthday tomorrow. I finished it, but in like the last few steps everything that could've gone wrong went wrong. It looks awful and I hate it but I worked so hard on it I'm so upset...

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Annoyed by job interviews on two different counts today.

For one position I passed the first interview and a required exam and advanced to the second onsite interview only for the recruiter to say they're no longer hiring for the position due to management issues. What the hell. But I'll supposedly be eligible to continue right from the onsite interview if the position opens again.

For another position I was supposed to have a phone screening interview at 2:30 PM, but the person never called me. I texted them after waiting for 10 minutes but no response.

Job hunting is a pain in the ass. Even if you're qualified and advance further, factors completely outside your control can end up taking the rug from under your feet.

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Freaking pollen everywhere. It's making it hard to tell if I have an allergy related sore throat or start of a cold sore throat.
Relatable. The other day I stepped out on my back porch to enjoy the cool air and within minutes my throat was scratchy and my eyes were watering so bad I could barely see.

Anyway... Another episode of my mom being so painfully out of touch that it's rude: a giant hole tore open on the side of my right shoe today. So I said oh well, guess I'll go back to my boots until I get a new pair. My mom kinda flipped out at this idea. "I didn't say anything in the colder months, but you're going to look stupid if you wear those boots at the end of May, [az]. Guys don't wear boots like that anyway. Im just trying to save you from the humiliation." She really rather I wear some busted ass shoes around for the next week or so before I get a new pair. The only one trying to humiliate me is you. Get over it.

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Oct 9, 2023
Had to get two root canals done, going in tomorrow to put on one of the permanent crowns that fell out from a different tooth, and possibly get the permanent crowns on the two that got a root canal. And right now my jaw hurts.

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