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User-made custom themes for windows?


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Jan 13, 2012
So, On Firefox's personas site, and chrome's web store, there are sections where you can find USER-MADE custom themes. This has allowed me to find and share video-game related themes for these browsers. Now, you of course can save Windows themes for use on your computer. Now, when you do this, there is an option to "Save Theme For Sharing." This made me wonder, "What if there's a site to share themes on Windows?"

So- my whole point in all of this, is Where, if there are any, is there a place where I can upload, download, share, and browse various USER-CUSTOM-MADE themes for Windows? It would be awesome if I could find a site to do that. Specially considering I formed a pretty [email protected]$$ Metroid theme for myself, and I'd like to share it with others.

So- anybody know of any?

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