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Trying to get into metal...


Feb 26, 2014
The world
Recently I've been very interested in metal music, and have been exploring it a bit. I know about a lot of the different genres (as there seems to be a whole lot of metal genres) and i like a lot of it, i just haven't really found a sound that really works with me totally. Any suggestions? I'm really into a Melodic sound, and I'm not really a fan of harsh vocals.


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
I think you should maybe try symphonic metal (my favourite sub-genre).

Babymetal (If you're into JPop. It's kind of a metal-pop fusion)


Feb 26, 2014
The world
Gosh, you wanna listen to real metal, stick with me man.

Avenged Sevenfold
Five finger death punch
Iron maiden
Black Sabbath
Ozzy osbourne

Listen to these bands and artists

I like slayer, i've listened to them a bit before. I've heard of most of those tho and listened to at least a bit of most of them.

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I like slayer, i've listened to them a bit before. I've heard of most of those tho and listened to at least a bit of most of them.

Have you ever listened to Deep purple, and Led Zepplin, they along with Black Sabbath are considered the fathers of metal. Also listen to Rush, they are like the band that invented conceptual metal, you might like them, you might not.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Hmm Why not start with their first which is called Iron Maiden? Or Seventh Son of a Seventh Son? Or Powerslave? Great songs are Cam I play with Madness, King of Twilight, Aces High and so many more.

I would so recommend AC/DC :D Amazing band and great great GREAT guitar music by the Young brothers. Angus is fun to watch.
You could try:
Black Sabbath
Twisted Sister (although they are pretty soft)
Ozzy Osbourne
Guns n Roses
Slade (I swear one of my most fav bands ever!)
Thin Lizzy
Led Zeppelin
Alice Cooper

For more softer music I would recommend:
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
My personal favourite Metal band is Avenged Sevenfold, but aside from their metalcore roots and most recent album, they lean more towards the Hard Rock side. Still a great band, and one that I find people either love or hate. Synyster Gates is a great guitarist, The Rev (rip) is a freaking amazing drummer, and M. Shadows is a fantastic vocalist. Definitely recommend. My favourite album is Waking the Fallen, though it's kinda hardcore and you said you don't like that so I'd recommend City of Evil and Nightmare, which I feel are their best albums while not necessarily being my favourite.

Metallica is one of the most well-known metal bands, so I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard them.

I also really like Dream Theater, they're working their way up to be one of my favourite metal bands. Shame Mike Portnoy left the band, he's a fantastic drummer.


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Jan 13, 2012
I'm not very well rounded with my Metal exposure yet, (but I DO love it), but the bands I like (and you may as well) are as follows:

Device ----- [more like a tech metal... David Draiman from Disturbed trying something new]
Bullet For My Valentine
Black Veil Brides
Drowning Pool -(sorta metal? maybe?)
Celldweller - (some of their tracks are kinda metal-ish, ... sort of?)
Dragonforce ....[I like them so-so, but they're well known, so I figured they'd get an honorable mention]
Five Finger Death Punch
Marilyn Manson ...[okay, maybe he's not 'metal', I just know I like his stuff and it's similar sometimes]
Powerman 5000
Saltatio Mortis .... [though I only know of one song- I like their overall sound enough to mention]
Mono Inc.
System Of A Down ....[might not be considered 'metal', but I do like them a lot]
Slot, -a Russian metal/rock group [if you consider them 'metal']

These are in no particular order, I just listed them as they came to mind.
BUT- If I had to pick my faves out of this list:

1st and most favorite, -- KoRn.
2nd, -- Probably a three-way tie between Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Bullet For My Valentine.
3rd, --- It's a close 3rd with System Of A Down. Though, sometimes I feel I should rank them higher.
4th, --- Marilyn Manson. -- Just love his stuff.

The rest are a blurred line. Though, I may want to mention, I'm very NEW to Black Veil Brides. (AS OF Dec 2014)
Since I'm new to them, I haven't really figured out a good place to rank them yet.

Anyway, to respond to your "Melodic" request, I think, out of my list, These you'll most like if you are into more melodic:
[in no particular order]
Black Veil Brides. --- out of the 5(? maybe?) songs I've heard from them, (namely 'perfect weapon'), they seem REALLY melodic, with a little bit of soft-screaming in the subtle background. ---just listen to "PERFECT WEAPON" if you have no idea what I mean.

Nightwish --- 2 words: Opera metal.

Delain --- Like Nightwish, but different singer, and latest albums are slightly changing genre.... SLIGHTLY, but still GOOD.

Mono Inc. --- German Rock/Metal/whatever.... they have cool tunes.

Bullet For My Valentine --- SOME of their songs are more melodic. If you don't like a lot of screaming, don't listen to many tracks from their first two albums. Those have a lot. If you can get past it (or like the way they do it or something) then the main verses and choruses (depending on song) can be quite melodic.

Marilyn Manson --- Believe it or not, there are QUITE A FEW slow, steady tracks. One example would be the song "Speed of Pain"... MM has quite the talent of going from Heavy Rockish Metal, to sad lullaby/creepy slow song at whimsy. Another good 'melodic' example would be the song 'Disassociative'.

Celldweller & Device are kind of like, experimental bands, and well, quite frankly, Celldweller hops around from one genre to the next, so I'm not sure what to make of it. But, if you like Electronica of Any Kind, AND are still interested in Metal or Rock, Both these bands dip their feet in a little of both. Celldweller has done much Drum & Bass, and Device is like a tech-metal- an, 'industrial, electronica-sounding, kind of metal mix... but because it's David Draiman's vocals, it STILL sounds a LOT like Disturbed.

KoRn has a few slow tracks, and some Dubstep/Metalstep tracks, but I would avoid their early stuff is you haven't gotten used to heavier tracks.


ALSO, I'm going to list the HEAVIER Metal artists, the ones you may want to avoid for now, unless you think you might like them.
KoRn's Early Stuff... it's heavy not only with the genre, but also full of emotion. HEAVY with emotion. Sadness, rage, etc...

Five Finger Death Punch --- They are heavy. HOWEVER, there are a FEW melodic tracks. such as "Cold" and "MINE (End This Way)" and "Battle Born"

Powerman 5000 --- Industrial Metal... and/or Rock... I don't have all their stuff yet, and only know a few tracks by heart, but they are somewhat of a Powermetal and/ or Industrial-ish group.

Dragonforce -- Fast-paced squeeling guitars, not a lot of screaming, songs are usually over 6 minutes long. I count them as heavier because of their speed. Not sure if that's a good reason, but hey, I'm just trying here.

The rest, are either come or go, or I don't know how to describe them...
Anyway, That's all I can think of. Either way, hopefully this was helpful to you.
I don't think anybody suggested any of these, (besides Nightwish), so, perhaps I helped. :3
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