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Toon Link Overused?

Nov 14, 2009
Mesa, AZ
I don't think we've seen the last of Toon Link. After all, Miyamoto believes that the exaggerated, cartoony style is the true face of Zelda, which is why Toon Link has stuck around so long and with such consistency. We still get a realistic Link here and there to please the fans who prefer a more realistic design, but there will always be Toon Link, too. I think Nintendo has the perfect balance with both a realistic Link and a cartoony Link, and I doubt anything's going to change that.


Jul 26, 2010
Personally. I'm not a big fan, I like zelda more real and mature fantasy. Not saying they are bad games but I do not paticular the style.


Well I thought that Toon Link was the best Link out of all, and even if he is overused, I think he should appear in at least one more Zelda game. Though more would better. And who knows if Nintendo is going to be releasing a prequel to TWW.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
I really liked the style of Toon Link, especially in The Wind Waker. Though he has been used in quite a few games, I think that he isn't really overused. He's certainly been used a lot, but I really like the style of him. It would be nice to see another game like The Wind Waker, as the other games really didn't have much appeal to me as The Wind Waker did. I think after that they could stop. I don't think it's a very big possibility to see him again, though. That's considering that he was in quite a few Zelda games, though looked very different in TWW for obvious reasons.

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I think that if Ninty put Toon Link in one more game, he will have probably be overused>.<.


The New Guy
Aug 22, 2010
i don't think that toon Link is overused, he was in like 6 games while the older Link was used in like 9 or something (excluding Crossbow training, and all the other side games). I do think that he should stick to handhelds tho, and the younger Zelda fans have fun playing as toon Link because of the style of art and the friendly puzzles and stuff like that, tho i have to admit, even i was stuck in PH for a while :P
and i wouldn't like to see TP graphics on a Ds, it would suck on quality. :(


I personally don't mind toon link. He may not look as cool as the link in TP or OoT, but the art style for toon link is unique and kind of cool. Think about it, if nintendo never decided to make toon link or use cel-shaded graphics, we'd probably be talking about how repetitive the art style is in the zelda series.

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Jan 18, 2009
"Toon" does not define the Link in Skyward Sword, more like a moving painting as they said. It'd be too bland of a series, so that's why they made TWW to begin with, but then THAT was getting old, so now it's "moving painting".

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