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Three Houses Mafia Game Thread

Apr 30, 2019
i also am pretty directionless atm ig, since i can't go after the person i most suspect

i can see a world where me and kirino are aligned so i don't fault you for thinking that ex
Apr 30, 2019
I think someone already pointed it out, but I think the logic in this POE is off somehow. If LG is scum then there still needs to be a partner somewhere, unless you think there are only 2 scum in a 13p game which is highly unlikely. And IMO it's not productive to have null reads at this stage of the game. I feel like the null read could be just an excuse for scum!you to setup for a kirino mislynch next phase if LG flips town, which I believe would give a hypothetical you x Chevy scumteam, for example, a win with a successful kill in the night. For example, with something like "oh, well I thought they were good, but they're the scummiest player left in the game IMO so might as well lynch them." I feel like this post is overly conservative and cautious which gives me scum vibes. And doesn't even end in a vote. If you're soooo sure about LG being scum why not vote right here?

i disagree i think it's fair to still have nulls in d3. the game isn't solved, eh? speaking of which here's where i'm at:

you- town
chevy- town
kirino- null
ex- null
rubik- null
lg- scum

i think the scum team is kirino/ex + lg. if rubik's scum then i dunno. if chevy's wolf then i take the l i think. i'm not as active so yeah my mind also aint made up. and we only got one wolf flip from an inactive which doesn't give much info
Apr 30, 2019
i think i go kirino or ex here this phase even if it's not something i'm more solid in. at the same time though why put in the effort when i'm prolly gonna die


Jun 19, 2010
I'd accept either FG or LG as a lynch, though I'd like the opportunity to ISO them first, which I plan to do tomorrow. Sorry, been busy, but we still have time.
if i'm wrong and we ml me the game is over
Huh? It's not like we're in MYLO, right?

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