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Three Houses Mafia Game Thread


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idk these posts make me think Ex might be scum
Oh My God You Suck I'm gonna vote you now

Deku's push was kind of lazy and largely echoed what I said, and his defense of wanting to stir discussion also makes less sense in light of that. Likewise, while I don't remember his meta that well, Minish saying he's inactive as town and more active as scum seems pretty right to me. I might be willing to vote for him.

Ex is now acting more jumpy and defensive in a way that's usually more indicative of town for him, but he's become better at faking that, so I probably put more stock in my initial read when he was under less pressure.


I'll probably vote for Deku as things stand, but we still have a few hours. I think it makes sense to go with one of the two, though, since they're the only ones who have been discussed and the only alternative seems to be voting for an inactive.
Oh nevermind I guess you hate those who hate me instead
Wasn't really in favor of voting an inactive (Naga) and never placed his vote anywhere

I figure Minish is the scum kill and KJ is some vig/3rd party kill, because that makes the most sense. It's probably just because she's a strong player, though it might be notable that she was town reading Ex.

I think it makes sense to focus on Ex today, since the wagon on Deku grew pretty quickly, and to focus on those on it as well.
Kill talk
I guess you hate me again??
Suggests to focus on the Deku wagon, if partnered with LG there was no scum in that wagon (I'd expect them to not suggest a wagon without a scum because that would be a pretty bold move though though). In any case not recommending the KoD wagon instead (which was as likely to have scum, and that with naga's flip we know it had) is interesting, because the odds of hitting scum in that wagon was 50%, while hitting scum in Deku's wagon at random is 0-25% if Kirino is scum with LG/FG respectively.
COULD be fair since KoD hadn't flipped?

In all seriousness, I don't think Minish is a kill Ex usually makes here, yeah, although he's not the only scum. Maybe I'm just being stubborn in sticking to my initial suspicion, idk.

I don't really agree with the suspicions on Chevy. His reaction to KoD's Rubik vote seemed pretty reasonable to me, given he had little reasoning, and the reasoning he did have made little sense. The flip-flop is notable, but he's done that in the past, and it seems more like uncertainty and wanting to trust KoD as a good player.
This does make me raise an eyebrow though:

"I can tell we're both town here" how lol. Is there something you know that we don't?
A bit on the fence on Chevy here, kinda distancing from a possible town result while still throwing some suspicion at them, I don't really like it. Kinda fishing for information too maybe?

Oh a weird thing, leslie unvoted me but sun never took it off the count lmao interesting. He said he'd probably vote for deku and now is saying we should look at the deku wagon hmmmm. Interesting
I knew someone would bring this up lol. I probably would've voted for him but I honestly just forgot to check the game after that post
This Kirino x LG interaction was pretty interesting, it actually makes me more likely to not think of them of a scumteam, although it's somewhat easy to do it as scum/scum. I don't see a point in LG bringing this up if they were both mafia though? I think Kirino comes off slightly worse here because he admits it being a somewhat contradictory view he had, could go both ways still.

I don't quite like that Fig has been focusing on fairly easy targets in the form of Deku and then Chevy, in both cases following suspicions made by others. In particular, he's spent today focused almost entirely on pushing Chevy in a way that's struck me as kind of try-hard, while largely ignoring the KoD-Caps dispute or the analysis of yesterday's wagons, for example.

Rubik is likely to be town given his telling the truth about his role as confirmed by LG. Furthermore, since we know scum have fake claims, it'd be pretty superfluous for Rubik to have one if he were scum, which makes me figure this is probably just a town role.

KoD is giving me kind of a headache. The main point in favor of him being town is that no one stepped in to save him, including himself, which is pretty convincing, especially since we know he was around for EoD.

I think Caps actually gave a pretty solid analysis of the wagons, with the one exception of failing to notice that KoD didn't vote to save himself. This alone personally doesn't make me that suspicious of him, since I also failed to take this into account at first, but in his few posts after, it's true that he didn't really use it to change his analysis, and I would definitely like to hear to what extent it makes him rethink his view on KoD in particular.

Ex's posts haven't been very memorable to me today: mostly a lot of question-asking and speculating. Besides that, I mostly remember his pushing of Rubik for what seemed to kind of obviously be just a pressure vote.

Looking back, I find LG's suspicion of Chevy a bit odd. She was basically suspicious that he pushed back on the sudden Rubik wagon, only for her to admit that she was kind of confused by it herself.

I understand the wagon on Chevy overall, especially since it's mostly coming from people who aren't familiar with him. All I can really say is that nothing he's shown here has been very atypical of him, even though I'd consider his flop-flop on Rubik to be suspicious in most other contexts. The one thing that makes me sour on him slightly is his comment on Fig.

@Chevywolf30: What are your thoughts on Rubik now that he's claimed?
I agreed with the Fig read at the time. Caps and LG are also kinda fair.
The KoD point is fair. Why was he giving you a headache?
I mindmelded a bit with these reads at the time, which made me town read you a bit D2.

I don't see why Rubik telling the truth about his role would've made him seem better here, as I brought up at the time. Now that we know Naga is scum, I wonder if this is somewhat of a slip since mafia's mind would kinda be in the "there wouldn't be two communicative roles for mafia" mindset.

Why did you ask Chevy, one of your main townreads, to give their opinion about another of your townreads?

Overall it's just throwing shade at everyone. Doesn't mention Naga nor FG.

I don't support a Chevy lynch at all. I was actually thinking of voting for Fig given my suspicion on him, and since his flip might help me read Ex. I suppose I could see a LG or FG lynch too, although neither have done much to make me suspicious of them. Still, I feel pretty good about both KoD and Caps, which makes me worry about inactive/lurking scum, so I guess neither would be terrible.
I though LG was one of your main suspicions based on that readslist? :thonk:
Why was FG back at the table here, what were your thoughts on her at the time?

It's hard to disagree with the analysis provided by others here. I'm already town reading Ex, Rubik, and Chevy, and I agree that Naga jailing Caps makes him look fairly good. That leaves LG and FG, which would make both of them the scum team by PoE. At the very least, I think it's close to 100% that at least one of them is scum.

I can't help but doubt that things are so neat, though, and I haven't ruled out all the people I'm town reading. For example, Naga jailing Caps, as dubious as it sounds, could have been a ploy to give the latter town cred, especially since he than used that to say that it made Naga lean town for him. Likewise, I could still imagine Chevy being scum, and even Rubik and Ex I wouldn't consider completely cleared.
That's a somewhat fair paranoia, but still expanding PoE maybe, not a fan of it.
I actually had the same thoughts, but I feel like quite a few factors would come in here. Since Naga apparently had a chat (no reason for scum to lie about this, in fact it might've even backfired if I hadn't been a moron because it raised some brows considering the Deku/Rubik role) he probably used his action during the Day before going inactive, and in the following one noone else counterclaimed either getting blocked or added to such.

Still, there's no reason to go after anyone except for LG or FG today, and likely tomorrow as well, especially if one of those we lynch flips town today. I'll ISO both of them to try to come to a decision.
I was referring to this:
Basically, you were suspicious of Chevy because he questioned the Rubik wagon and said it was too hasty. But you yourself admitted that you had no idea what it was based on besides KoD's gut. So wouldn't it be perfectly legitimate for Chevy to question this sudden and seemingly baseless wagon in the way he did?
I kinda like this LG/Kirino interaction, not really sure what to make of it though. I'm a bit intrigued. I'll think a bit if this is an attempt of distancing, but as of right now I have little reason to believe scum has reason to do such (although spotlight do be a bit on LG rn). And considering LG has been prodding Kirino a decent amount, I'm likely inclined to believe it's a genuine biteback.


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i like you i think you're town
referring to KoD

i think it's interesting that you're parroting other people's suspicions (which i don't get really) of ex and then you actually hunker down on them. i don't like it. i don't think that behavior's towny
This is kinda grinding my gears
both you and kirino mentioned parroting when referring to Deku. While I kinda get from Kirino's POV (despite thinking they had different reasonings), what exactly did you mean by it?

fine minish i guess i'm wrong but i'm trying
are you now
I don't like this lack of attitude towards your only contribution to the game

vote: dekunut

hopefully i'm back by eod like i should be ig
(she wasn't)

kinda thrown for a loop with the night kills. the two deaths were on the counterwagon but no one shot the actual... counterwagon

i have no other thoughts atm i'm just very confused

sorry minish u were right about deku but ex made me vote him. wow
At no moment I ever told you or anyone to vote deku lol
the night kill point was commented on too, since they were probably performed by different factions it's unlikely they're related in any way
Also you said yourself that you thought KoD was Town, why a bit disappointed they didn't get shot?
Lack of comment on other topics, scummy post.

oh actually one thought

1) smokescreen is a hella sus term when playing maf but i still like you kod idk

2) how do i not scumread chevy. did u just say u wanted to present as active...... ur prolly town though. how do i town read chevy

that was 2 thoughts
"you two are sus but townie k bye"

chevy's new? sure dawg

not voting to save yourself is weird but it's more likely for a town to do that than scum/3p... well... i don't think 3p does that. i'm liking caps so far i think. at least i feel more confident bc someone didn't think he was alarming enough to be deaddo
shade at chevy right after saying he was probably town smh

please help
I'm not sure what you wanted us to say, it was just a coincidence
honestly it almost comes off as you wanting kod to be the next target of whoever did the second kill D1

lol oops i forgot
yeah unfortunately i forgot. pffft. glad the d1 wagon was finally solved.

i haven't read yet but fig being voted out is smelly
forgetting so much is smelly smh

first of all, there's a scum between lg chevy and kirino, at least one, this is right. thanks

2nd, chevy is not scum and i will die on that hill

kirino is.... fine? their takes were pretty safe for the most part. i think them easing off of chevy last phase looks good, but again, null.

lg proposed a lynch order of two towns last phase (fig, KoD), and as KoD pointed out last phase, she said she wanted to leave her vote somewhere where there wasn't any action since she wasn't making an eod. why would a town ever want to make an inconsequential vote? but again this is like a level 1 read, but again it's something, and given that there has to be a scum between lg chevy and kirino imo it's enough.

capsfan just seems town to me but i'm also not reading those walls

i don't know how i feel about ex. he led the fig wagon but that move also wasn't necessary for scum to do. so i'm leaning town/3p.
Just to be sure, can you confirm that your assumed scumteam is then Kirino + LG?
you three were off wagon d1 eod and, as mikey would say if here were here, that MEANS UR IN A WOLF POE let's GOOOOOOO it has NEVER BEEN WRONG

i don't know what to think of rubik. i see people letting him slide due to a claim though, and right now i'm fine with not paying attention to him
Trying to expand PoE again. I doubt Rubik would be scum considering Naga flipped red and both have communication roles.
Also amazing impression of Moe it almost felt like I was seeing his post in flesh

if i'm wrong i'm wrong

vote: unvote


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I'm leaning more and more towards a Kirino-FG scumteam as I go on

LG did a pretty decent review on stuff that went on and did some prodding that I haven't seen from Kirino/FG
as I'm isoing her I see that she reacted some posts as she went on which isn't necessarily alignment indicative but shows off some effort on catching up and trying to spot stuff


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Feb 25, 2013
I said at the top of the list I made that it was a rough list, just off the top of my head, I probably should have added something about it being subject to change/a jumping off point for me to get some more solid reads. My fg read was just what I thought I remembered, but after rereading her stuff and interacting with her I'm not 100% sure on that anymore. I also had went back and reread Rubik and saw that he's pretty much cleared, so that leaves LG.
you're not 100% on what regarding FG? Which part changed for you? i know it's rich coming from me, but would you mind explaining a little more on this?
if i'm wrong i'm wrong

vote: unvote
i guess i'm not really comprehending this switch of opinion on me? why was that of all things the thing that convinced you? and more importantly if i'm not scum then who are you going to vote for? I don't think at this stage you can just unvote and sit back.

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