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General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic


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Feb 14, 2010
There is still time to sign up, but I might as well post the prologue now. May the odds be EVER in your favor. Oh, and, enjoy. :P


Ilio Vazon
Head Gamemaker

I close my files, unable to find anything on the whereabouts of my daughter. Why would there be? The former President had made it clear that they did not know where she was. So where is she? I stand up, and head to my quarters. That's some work for tomorrow.

I head into my room. I go out onto the balcony for a second and look at the fresh air. Snow's hiding something, I think. Snow's hiding something about that attack on District 2. A voice comes from behind me. "You've been through something terrible, haven't you?"

I spin around. Standing in my room is a man with red hair, elven features, and a large pack across his back. "Who are you?" I ask. The man laughs, a rather creepy laugh. "Who am I? That's a good one. How about, who are you?" I look at him. "I am Ilio Vazon." He makes a tsk sound. "No no no, you are not Ilio Vazon. Or Odyseus Orcon. Just somewhere in between."

He turns around so that his back is to me. "What do you mean?" I ask. He does not turn around, but still talks. "You assume the identity of Ilio Vazon. Yet you are not either identity. You are not Odyseus, or Ilio. Your past........" He turns his head to see me. "......will destroy you........"

I reach for my gun, to find that it's not there. I hear screaming from outside. I run toward the balcony, and look out to see the entire city on fire. I turn to see the man, his face in anger. "This is what happens when you refuse to accept your past!" he yells, and he vanishes. The fire moves in and consumes me, and I scream.

I sit bolt upright in bed, trying to control my breathing. Only a dream, I think. Only a dream. I get out of bed and I have a sudden idea. I put normal clothes on, and leave my room. I storm through the hallways, heading for........the place. I reach it, and knock on the door.

The guard opens up. "What do you want, Ilio?" he asks sleepily. I look at him sternly. "I wish to see the body of Alec Night," I say as menacingly as I can. He raises an eyebrow. "He's scheduled to be returned to District 8 soon. No one is allowed to see him." I grab him by the scruff of the throat, and pull out some money. "I can pay you," I say.

He takes the money. "Go on, go on....." he says. I go into the room. Alec's body is on a table, lying there peacefully except for the bloody stain in his chest. I look around, until I find his weapon. The sword, once used by Ashie. Where had she found it? I rack my memory, but I find nothing.

I then remember something. Before we were forced to amplify her amnesia problems, I'd used some truth serum on her, and then destroyed the entire stocks. She had the sword before the Arena. Apparently, it had literally dropped from the sky. She had also mentioned something about a hovercraft, but I'd thought nothing of it.

I pale as I realize what might have happened. Apparently, my daughter had flown the hovercraft eastward, and a cannon over District 11 had shot it down. Could it be......? I storm over to the guard, and grab him by the throat. "Now......what?" he gasps.

I look at him. "Were you here when a certain tribute escaped the 19th Hunger Games?" I ask. He struggles. "Why.....should I tell you?" he asks, while holding out his hand. I get the message and give him some more money, and let him go. "Now, tell me," I say.

"Yes, yes I was. Why?" he asks. I look at him. "Do you still have the wreckage of the hovercraft shot down over District 11?" I ask. He nods. "In......somewhere.....but why?" I wonder at his grammar, smile at him, and give him some more money. "Thank you. Could you do me a favor and take me there?"

He looks greedily at the money and motions for me to follow. We travel to a facility which provided many functions, from junkyard to interrogation center. The remains of a hovercraft are on a ramp. He motions for me to follow him, and I do. Inside the hovercraft is a man. "Stupid thing...won't get up and running...."

He turns to see the guard. "Ah, Barry, what brings you here?" he asks. Barry points at me. "He would like to see the hovercraft." The man chuckles, and waves his hand toward it. "You've seen it, ok?" I roll my eyes and head into the hovercraft. "It's not even functional," he pipes from outside the hovercraft. "You're wasting your time. It only flickers some, I see messages on the screen, but it flickers off."

I pay no attention to him, and press the ignition button. The screen flickers for a second, and I can see some words on it, but only for a split second. I see a slit in the ignition. Could it be? I pull out Ashie's sword, and drive it into the slot. The screen starts up, and I can see the messages clearly.

Dissenter: I'm coming to you.
Coin: Good. Is the Capitol following you?
Dissenter: No, but they'll have their weapons on me.
Coin: No matter, no matter.....just make sure you survive.
Dissenter: Are you sure you want me to join Shatterpoint? I was always told that District 13 had been destroyed. What if you're just trying to lead me into a trap?
Coin: 13 is not unlucky.
Dissenter: Well...anyway....I'm being attacked! Help me!
Coin: Dissenter? Dissenter?

It cuts off there. Could it have been Paige? I'd gotten on her computer and seen something about Shatterpoint, but I'd seen nothing else. And......District 13....She was right, we had always been told that District 13 had been annihilated.

Looks like we were wrong.
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Feb 14, 2010
Ok. I am going to do this chapter now until HoT signs up with his character. You're going to love this. :)

Day 1

Lucas Seward
District 11

It's started. I can almost hear the Capitol audience cheering as I'm lifted up on my metal plate to my graveyard. A graveyard that will hold 23 people. I hear Claudius Templesmith's voice boom out. He looks especially freaky this year, with a bright florescent green color that hurts my eyes. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the 23rd Hunger Games begin!"

I look around. It's rocky, but strangely enough, the Cornucopia appears to be on a peak higher than the rest of us. Then I turn my head around to look behind me. My stomach seems to drop as I see the steep slope. We're on a mountain. I look around to see that there are piney woods surrounding the bottom of the mountain, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

I look around some more, and I see a slightly more climbable area of the mountain. It has many natural grips and footholds. That's obviously the way we get up and down. Then I look at the part where I'm standing. Absolutely no footholds, a straight drop. Good for pushing tributes off, but not much else.

Then I look at the tributes. Only a few I recognize from our interviews. There's a rather pimply kid from District 6 who's standing there with his arms crossed. There's also a cute girl from District 10, her eyes darting around. Then, there's a rather haunted looking boy from District 12, who appears to be trying to remain calm.

The gong sounds, and I stand there confused, conflicted as to whether to get items from the Cornucopia or to leave and not take a risk. This always happens. Just get a few needed things, and go, I think to myself. The usual strategy. As chaos erupts around me, I try to focus on a point that doesn't have people pounding others to the ground, or people being pounded to the ground.

Before I can decide, the boy from 1 charges at me, his sword raised high. The attack was unexpected, and it hits me in the arm. I yell, and run toward the Cornucopia, as the fighting breaks out around me. Avoiding others fighting, I find a short sword and a med-pack with some food in it. I begin to run.

As I run down the slope, I notice someone at the foot of the mountain. It's the pimply boy from 6. He smiles at me when he sees me coming. I pull out my new sword, and point it at him. "What do you want?" I ask. He chuckles. He's most certainly not an intimidating figure, but there's an aura of uneasiness around him.

"I'm just waiting for my cue," he says, and his smile widens. "Your cue?" I ask. He nods. "Yes. I, unlike some people, I have a strategy." It takes me a few seconds to realize he's insulting me. "What do you want?" I ask. He rolls his eyes. "Nothing. For now. But, don't worry, you'll see the results tonight. Now please go, so I don't have to kill you."

I nod, and run. He's not threatening at all, but there's something about his...his confidence that he would win in a fight. I'm not going to take the chance. However, as I set up camp in the trees and take a bite to eat, I can't help but wonder what he meant. Don't worry, you'll see the results tonight. I have a bad feeling about this.
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Apr 16, 2010
Nice chapter here. The details were good but subtle, allowing for the reader's imagination to kick in. I had a great vision of what was going on the whole time. The characters seem to have great demeanors, which is always a plus. Good work, Myriad.


Jul 13, 2011
Rivendell, Middle Earth
"I have a bad feeling about this." Oh my gosh you're going to kill me! I'm laughing, you add just the right quotes. :lol:

This is turning out great, the series is coming along so far!


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Jan 29, 2011
Hooray first chapter!:D I loved it! You are a really good writer.:nod: Can't wait to see what happens next!:D
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Feb 14, 2010
Ok, next chapter. Oh boy.......................

Michael Titan
District 2

The last straggling tribute at the Cornucopia falls at my feet. We're all laughing and high-fiving (or in the girl from 4's case, getting up from the ground after she accidently ran down the slope too fast and landed in the tumbleweed). "Way to go!" We look around at the five tributes lying dead at our feet, and a sixth one pushed off a cliff. Then, six cannons sound. "Don't you think that's an abnormally small amount of people to die?" asks the boy from 4. I chuckle. "They obviously learned from the year when all 24 tributes went into the Cornucopia and only one survived."

The girl from 1 speaks up. "It cost the victor an arm and a leg. Literally." There's snickers, and then someone behind me clears his throat. I turn around and pull out my knife. "Who is it?" The boy steps forward, and I recognize him as the boy from 6. Not very intimidating. "Me, myself, and I, of course. But, if you have to know a name......"

He smiles, and despite the pimples dotted around his face, I get a feeling that he's more dangerous than he's letting on. "My name is four words: none of your business. If you weren't paying attention during the interviews, then too bad." Oh boy. Ordo(boy from 1) doesn't like being talked to that way. Then again, nor do I.

Ordo steps forward and grabs the boy from 6 by the scruff of his throat. "No one talks to me like that. Clear?" The boy from 6 nods, and Ordo drops him, leaving the boy gasping for air. Ordo smirks. "You may think you're tough, kid, but you don't have a chance. Know what? I'll take pity on you and kill you quickly."

He pulls out his sword, and points it at the boy from 6. Ordo frowns, as his victim doesn't appear to be cowering in terror, rather smirking defiantly. "Know what? I don't really think that'll happen. But this will." There's a boom from above, and I look up. There's a whole bunch of rocks falling down, and both tributes from 4 are automatically crushed.

Two cannons sound. More rocks come tumbling down, and the boy from 6 grins at Ordo, and then steps backwards a couple of paces. Ordo charges at him, and the boy unsheathes his own blade and enters combat with him, trading blows. They get into a lock, and then as I watch with horror, the boy from 6 draws Ordo back to the mountain wall and pins him to it with a knife.

Another rock comes tumbling down and crushes him. The cannon sounds. I look at the boy from 6 in horror, and he grins at me. The girl from 2 charges at him, and slashes at him. He blocks, and counters with a flurry of strokes, and then, changing tactics, stabs her in the chest. Another cannon sounds. Some more rocks come down which I barely manage to avoid.

I can't believe it. This kid just eliminated four Careers. What. The. Heck. The girl from 1 looks at him in disbelief. "How did you do that?" she asks. His grin turns into a smirk. "I have a friend." He yells, and attacks her with his sword, a series of focused, powerful attacks. I try to intervene, but he knocks the knife out of my hand. He continues his assault on the girl from 1.

She spins her blade around, clanging against his every so often. He does a diagonal slash, which she parries, and returns the favor. As they duel, I pick up my knife and try to attack again. Then, the last boulder comes down and it smashes my legs, trapping me. I am still alive, and I actually think I haven't broken anything.

The boy stabs at her, which she blocks, and they trade blows for a few more seconds, and then he checkmates her, sending her sword flying out of her hand. Rather than waiting for a possible variable to occur, he stabs her in the chest, and she falls over dead. The cannon sounds. I try to get up, knowing he's going to come to me.

I try to wriggle out as he slowly advances on me, and then I finally get out, and run for my life. I run until I can run no more. When it appears as though the boy has given up looking for me, I collapse. I get out what little food I'd had on my personnel, plus some water. I take a large gulp, and then set it down.

I climb up into a tree, and fasten myself into a sleeping bag. After maybe thirty minutes, and I'm about to fall asleep, I hear voices from below. "Shado? Are you here?" I don't recognize the voice, but from my hiding spot I see a shady figure with long spiky hair that I can't make out in the twilight. I think he might be the boy from 3, was it Rogue?

The one named Shado answers. "Yes," he says, and I'm startled to hear that it's the boy from 6. "I'm here." Rogue smiles. "So, how did it go with the Careers?" Shado looks at him. "I killed them all, except one, thanks to your help." So that was how those boulders had come down. Rogue had dug up the bombs and reactivated them, bringing parts of the mountain down. Ingenious.

"Should we hunt down the last one?" asks Rogue. "No. He will die sometime, if not by our hand, then by another. It is of no consequence." Shado turns around and leaves. "Meet at the Cornucopia tomorrow night. Clear?" Rogue nods, and Shado walks off. Rogue murmurs to himself. "Don't know why I had to get in this alliance with him.....if I could, I'd desert him, but then he'd just add me to his revenge list......"

Grumbling, he walks off. I know one thing. Tonight, after the anthem, every tribute will know that someone killed five Careers. And the Capitol.....the Capitol will eat it all up. A mysterious tribute with a bad acne problem kills almost every Career. I try to get some rest, if only to escape the stress and uncertainty. I know only one thing: there will be more to come.
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Apr 16, 2010
Brilliant chapter, nonetheless told by my character.^^ This should play out well as it always does in your stories. I didn't catch any spelling or grammar mistakes, so good work there too.

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