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Things That Are on Your Mind


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I'm so bloody tired.

I worked until midnight last night at Maccas. Then woke up at 5:30am to head to my job at Uni (moving around furniture) and worked until 3:30pm. Now I'm on the train back from Uni and when I get home I have to go back to Maccas and work again until midnight. At least I'll be earning more money I guess.

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Today was my last day at the best job I've ever had, and as happy as I am to be returning to school next week, I have to admit I got unexpectedly emotional today. I didn't think the place I worked and the people I worked with were that important to me, but they were. Everybody that works at the restaurant I worked at get along, we all like each other, and we were a super tight group. I never expected that I'd have a job that made me feel this way. It's a weird feeling. Kind of bittersweet tbh. I wasn't originally going to, but I think I'm gonna pop in to say some final goodbyes, because I feel like I'm leaving something behind.

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