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General Zelda The Most Intelligent Villain


Jul 1, 2012
Even though Ganondorf stands out as the prime villain of the series, there have still been a wide variety of other villains across the series' 27 year life span.

Now there are multiple things of which to judge a villain off of, but I I do like an intelligent villian, not just in terms of Zelda but in general. So that's certainly a quality in my opinion and one of the reasons that I love Ganondorf and his epic and witty statements.

So out of the many villains across the sixteen canon installments, which would you say is of the highest intellect? This would also include versions of villains, for example Ganondorf from OoT and Ganondorf from TP would be two different choices.
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Apr 16, 2010
TP Ganondorf tricked Zant into working for him and completely taking over Hyrule Castle. He even made Zant think he was a god. TP Ganondorf is without a doubt the smartest villain.


the shadow mage
Mar 6, 2011
Vati in MC or Ganon in ALTTP both were relatively successful in what they wanted to do and were able to use trickry to get what they wanted.


Jan 10, 2011
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TP Ganondorf tricked Zant into working for him and completely taking over Hyrule Castle. He even made Zant think he was a god. TP Ganondorf is without a doubt the smartest villain.

So, giving a gullible, power-hungry maniac power and telling him, "Whatever you desire, I shall desire it too," is enough to make you worthy of being called the most intelligent villain of a series? Even though literally anyone with enough power could have done it?



The Young Drifter
Jun 16, 2010
Probably OoT Ganondorf. He seemed to be the most involved villain of the series; wherever you went, you would always hear of the destruction and chaos he was causing. Also, other little things like making the King of Hyrule think he was loyal to him, and using Link's pulling of the Master Sword as a way to get into the Sacred Realm.
Upon reading the title of this thread, I immediately thought of Ganondorf's appearance in The Wind Waker. I will point out that as the bad guy; there will always an element of cockiness present which kind of makes the majority of the series' antagonists rather dull-witted and oblivious to an extent. I just feel that when that particular mindset is least present, whatever intelligence that exists can actually be expressed rather than overridden. Ganondorf in The Wind Waker—unlike Ganondorf in Twilight Princess—has already experienced a technical defeat once before in Ocarina of Time therefore a lot considerations have been made in his schemes on the Great Sea. I'm not sure if the rate of time-flow was equivalent to how it is in Hyrule to where he was sealed, but he did have some time to reflect upon errors.

Upon his return, I sense his actions were on impulse. However, when the rains came from the heavens endured as such an attempt to imprison him beneath the waves, I think that was another smack in the face to him. Another failure on his part to grind away at his overconfidence. Just by the way that he managed to escape to the Forsaken Fortress by using a dark portal, hints intellect. The King of Red Lions didn't even know how Ganondorf fled nor did he know it was possible.

Ganondorf also used reverse psychology in The Wind Waker on a certain level. Just the fact that he knew if someone aspired to confront him, that person would have to unknowingly break the seal that by which the Master Sword bound him. Also by killing off the sages who offered up prayers to keep its power alive was a significant sign of premeditation of the entire scheme. Upon Link's second meeting with Ganondorf atop the Forsaken Fortress, had not Komali and Quill come to his aid, Ganon would have been at full power with no one to stop him.

And, if you really think about it, Ganondorf would only hope that there would be a chosen one just so that he could reform the Triforce of Courage and retrieve it. For being the fool he was in Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf reformed the Triforce before any final battle had time to take place. As if Puppet Ganon were a way to rub that in before hand, to wear Link out so that his defenses were down.

Yes, other than some miscalculations on his part (like the distance of the Triforce from his hand :rolleyes:), I do have to say Ganondorf as seen in The Wind Waker was easily the most intelligent antagonist in the series [in my :eek:nion:]. Poor judgment and impulse isn't necessarily synonymous to stupidity, but that might have still been his fatal flaw. Inevitably so.


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Jan 16, 2013
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Ganondorf in general. i mean he's one characters; cept for FSA I believe. He manipulates you all through OoT. He manipulates you in WW. He did the aforementioned deed of using Zant to return to power. He always has a plan, and he looks good carrying it out. Ganondorf takes the cake on this one.


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Aug 1, 2012
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OoT Ganondorf tricks you into opening the Door of Time for him so he can get into the Sacred Realm and take over Hyrule. He has to be pretty intelligent to plan that out. Also, he made it so you can't get into his castle (without the aid of the sages).

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