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The Moment of Truth



In almost all Zelda games there is a cut scene of link attaining the master sword. Which cut scene is you favorite, the one when ever you see it you get excited tears of joy and accomplishment run down your face? And after you get it you feel like nothing can stop you.
I have never attained the Master Sword and felt the way you described, i felt a little excited in OoT but didnt feel as if i could take on whatever came to me. In TP i felt almost nothing, i didn't think the cutscene was all too great and in WW it was just more of a 'awww thatsh shooo cyoot' kind of moment and SS was just more of an 'eventually... now what? Oh, prove myself again...' Don't wana go into the rest of them but no, Zelda has never made me feel like a badass with the Master Sword.
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Sep 16, 2011
I agree with with Spirit of Rutela. Sure, I felt pretty excited to have gotten a super awesome sword, but I knew that I was far from finished with the game. The most excited I ever got was probably in Skyward Sword. It took freakin' forever to get the Master Sword, so when I finally got it I felt pretty accomplished. Plus it looked darn nice. All the other games except for A Link to the Past I felt pretty normal... I mean, yes, I was happy, but it wasn't that big of a deal to me.


Jan 10, 2011
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A Link to the Past: Just felt like getting a normal sword. Not much significance at all.

Ocarina of Time: Same as before.

The Wind Waker: Some slight relevance. There was actually a decent buildup to finding it, and pulling it out awakened everything from a dormant state, so you knew it had to be powerful.

Twilight Princess: Kind of the same as before, only nothing about things being in a dormant state. It was nice to see the mist clear like it did in ALttP, though.

Skyward Sword: The birth of the Master Sword followed by its fully awakened state (the True Master Sword) in a sequence of pretty epic and emotional stuff. Nothing overly significant, but, yeah, I was feeling that moment a little bit.

So basically the same as the other two have said.


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Oct 7, 2012
Havent played many Zelda games, only felt accomplished in SS, kinda. everything else was neutral.


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Jun 22, 2011
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The only time I've felt it was significant was in Ocarina of Time - perhaps I'm alone in this, but the musical silence of the room and the soft echo of the footsteps really set the scene for me, and to this day I always slowly walk - not run - up the steps to the pedestal. That the actual drawing of the blade is met with the light show and the musical crescendo is even more spectacular.

In Wind Waker I think it was diluted in part due to the blade's depleted state. Restoring its power was neat, but it made the initial acquisition a lot less exciting. Similarly, Twilight Princess placed the blade's acquisition at the end of an intense sequence involving Link's apparently permanent wolf state, Zelda's sacrifice for Midna, and a puzzle-filled Lost Woods. Getting it was more of a relief, as Link regained human form, than it was an epic moment.

Skyward Sword... this is actually one of my largest gripes with the game. This is the very first time anyone has ever drawn the Master Sword - it was created by the player in the game. That moment should have felt incredible, especially given the blade's storied history throughout the other titles in the series. But no - it was incredibly underwhelming. There was no build up, there was no anticipation, no stirring music - just, "Oh hey, the third flame turned it into the Master Sword. How about that?" A complete let down. Needless to say, that disappointed me on a profound level.

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Feb 6, 2010
I have a hard time remembering how I felt most of the time, so I guess I'd have to say those times were insignificant to me.

The times I do remember were TP and SS. SS gave me a "well it's about time" feeling because I knew the game would eventually incorporate the creation of the Master Sword. TP, on the other hand, is probably the one that gave me the closest feeling to what you're describing. I experienced TP like a movie and I was caught up in every atmospheric event that happened, including getting the Master Sword. It was only while watching a friend play did I realize that Link wasn't even supposed to get the Master Sword in that game. He was just supposed to use it to purify himself, but the sword wound up accepting him as its master. I highly enjoyed the way that scene is done, but one thing to take note is that I did play SSBB before I played TP, so there's a possibility that that influenced my feelings.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
But no - it was incredibly underwhelming. There was no build up, there was no anticipation, no stirring music - just, "Oh hey, the third flame turned it into the Master Sword. How about that?" A complete let down. Needless to say, that disappointed me on a profound level.

Actually, there was all that stuff. It didn't truly become the Master Sword until Zelda/Hylia gave Link her blessing. That's the real moment of the Master Sword's creation, not at the Fire Sanctuary.


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I thought the cutscene in Twilight Princess was pretty cute - with Link going slashy-slashy, posing for the camera.

Ocarina of Time's was dramatic in that, one moment, you're cute kid Link, then there's the light, and suddenly, he's all "WTF? I'm big!" At least in how I remember it.

Now that I think about it, I really like what was done in Wind Waker. You gain access to the holy chamber. You get the sword. Color returns to everything. Enemies frozen in time are reanimated and you have to defeat them all in order to leave the area. Then, just when you think you've got the thing that will but an end to Ganondorf and save your sister --- You find out that the sword has been depowered! And thus you are ferried onto the greater half of your journey.


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Dec 5, 2012
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Skyward Sword, definitely.
Not that I felt a BIG accomplishment and joy, but because
it is the first game in the timeline and I had that in my head,
it played out very victorious to me.


Oct 24, 2012
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Getting the Master Sword has been met with more and more pomp and circumstance as the series has dragged on. From a brief animation that lasted as long as the victory theme with some accompanying text in ALttP to some dramatic musical buildup and full 3D animation in OoT to a rather drawn out musical number, accompanying narration courtesy of Midna and some flashy special effects and sweet sword moves by Link in TP. Skyward Sword was all about the eventual acquisition of the Master Sword.

In Wind Waker the Master Sword was practically dropped in your lap, but the moment it's drawn is the most unique and flashy of any other game. Plus, there's an accompanying battle that some regard as the best in the whole game.

My personal favorite? I suppose it's a toss up between Twilight Princess and Ocarina. Ocarina was the first time I ever got the legendary Blade of Evils Bane in a Zelda game (having been the first I ever played) and for the longest time that big stone door stood closed to me and I endeavored greatly to see what's behind it. So there was more gratification for me in OoT when I acquired the Master Sword, TPs was certainly flashier though. Wind Waker's may have been spectacular, but with little prior indication in the narrative that Link was about to acquire the blade (i know it's to be expected right?) the moment was kinda dulled by the lack of anticipation. Still extremely intense though! TP was sort of the same, but I think it's the ambiance and the callbacks to Ocarina and the Hero of Time that really grab the moment in ways WW's sequence really didn't.

Given the two, I would have to go with Ocarina.
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Aug 18, 2011
After playing SS, getting the Master Sword in TP became... more interesting? This is mainly because of Minda being shocked that 'the sword accepted you as its master'. It's then that you realize how much Midna didn't trust you and was really just using you. Similar to Zelda in SS...


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Feb 10, 2012
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I'd have to say that Ocarina of Time had the best scene. The music and the setting just makes everything so epic. Even when you are just switching between child and adult or adult and child it still feels epic. I think that truly demonstrates how great it is, especially if it can feel epic even when you use it multiple times within a playthrough.

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Looking back, my favorite moments of drawing the Master Sword are actually those that don't totally revolve around getting the Master Sword.

In OoT I felt like a total badass for a split second when I drew it, but then Ganondorf came out of nowhere and ruined everything. I then learned that I had been in stasis for seven years, that I was the one responsible for opening the way to the Silent Realm, and that I was the one who had to fix everything. So, elation that I had gotten the sword and matured as a result of it, and a somber realization of what I had done.

In SS I almost completely forgot about the Master Sword. When I went through that gate all that was on my mind was getting Zelda back, and while that split second of me holding the true Master Sword above my head was pretty awesome, that scene revolved entirely around the interaction between Link and Zelda. I've never before seen such emotion flowing from Link; even without uttering a word I could tell what was running through his mind throughout it, and the moment that was supposed to be how much of a badass I was for getting the Master Sword ended up being one of the biggest tear-jerking scenes of the series. Love it.

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