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The Legend of Zelda: Eclipse


Majora’s Worst Nightmare, Hero of Time
Oct 12, 2020
Chapter One: The Hero of Nature

“Link....Link...Wake up....The eclipse is set to orbit in 359 days....Hurry before HE is powered by the darkness!...”

Link opens his eyes only to see pure darkness. He looks around searching for some kind of light or something to grasp in the darkness.

He finally finds a sturdy hard surface and wraps his hands around it.

“My desk...” Link whispers as feels the surface more.

Link looks around and realizes that the lantern he lit went out. Link stumbles multiple times trying to find his way through his house.
He finally finds his basement, he climbs down inside and grabs some lantern oil he had bought from castle town the previous night.

Link slowly climbs back up into his living room and fills his lantern. The lantern lights the whole room up as if all the darkness fought against the light ultimately winning. Link smiles at this thought, he lays back in bed closing his eyes and slowly and steadily drifting off to sleep.


Link immediately wakes up from this sound. What was it? He uncurls from his blanket and walks to the window. He was shaking something inside of him didn’t feel right. What is this feeling?

Link gets dressed in his black tunic and Puts his leather boots on. He walks up to the fireplace and stares at his father's sword. It was a two-sided sword with Rhombus’ on the outline of the blade. It had a golden handle with a ruby hilt.

Link debated on rather he should take the sword or honor his father’s sword by leaving it where it was.

Link trembled as he thought of his fathers death. Tyrun The leader of the Saiga clan mercilessly murdered his father in cold blood.
Link’s father was on a mission from The King Of Hyrule to escort the princess Zelda to Kakariko village but under a certain circumstance, Zelda has to be disguise as a lowly peasant and Link’s father was to be a Carriage rider who pretended to not know who Zelda was.

On the trip the horses started acting weird they kept turning there heads and neighing so loud! Then it happened...Arrows were shot killing the horses then out of nowhere came the Saiga clan riding down on horseback swing scimitars. They attacked the carriage and took Link’s father, Princess Zelda and Impa were in the back as they watched what happened.

Impa grabbed one of her Kunais out and killed one of the Saiga clan members making them fall off their horse. Impa took this precise moment to take the princess and ride away back to hyrule!

No one knows what happened to Link’s father but as the lore tells it, the Saiga clan never leaves without a fatality or prisoner.

Link shook with the anger of his father’s death, he grabbed the sword and shield with the Hylian crest on it and took off outside to find the Princess and ask her of his father.


Link waited at the gate of Hyrule castle waiting for the knights to let him in. Linksaw one of the knights walking out he approached him.

“Woah there bud’! What’s wrong?”asked the knight as he quickly placed his hand on his sword.

Link stated at the man not answering...

“Your a man of few words aren’t cha?” The knight said laughing. “Do you want to see the king or let me guess ya wanta see princess Zelda don’t cha?”

Link blushed at this knights remarks. He nodded and pointed to his sword with his father’s name on it.

“Oh your ole’ Waren’s son, nice man he was but it ‘twas sad what happened to the poor man.” sighed the knight. “Well go ahead boy.”

Link smiled at the man and headed toward the castle. He opened the giant doors to the castle and walked through the pristine floors and silk red cloth carpeting, he listened as his boots tapped on the floor

*Tip tap tip tap*

Link walked into the garden of the west side of the castle. He walked up to Zelda, she slowly turned around to see him.

“It’s you! You’re the boy in my dreams!”
Zelda shouted loudly out of surprise. “In my dreams I saw you with a sword and a shield wielding a bright blade you smites the evil darkness that is the Siaga clan!”

Link’s eyes widened and gasped at how she knew about him.

“You’re the boy of legend!” Zelda smiled and then resumed. “You’re the Hero of Nature you have the ancient powers to control natural happenings with items from the heavens! You can stop the eclipse which will give power to the leader of the Saiga, You need to obtain the Lunar saber!!”

Link stood still and stared at the princess. Link smiled and pushed his fist in the air! He nodded confirming that he will do it for Zelda and Hyrule.

“Link...That’s your name...I heard someone saying it in my dreams...” Zelda Said as she looked out at the Hylian roses. “You will save us won’t you?”

Link frowned and then smiled again. He did as he did before nodded and took off after the Siaga clan, to stop their reign once and for all!

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