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ocarina of time

  1. Reksew_Trebla

    In OoT, the Scarecrow's Song plays after the credits, if left on long enough. What plays if you never got it?

    This only happens on the Nintendo 64 version of the game, not the Gamecube port, nor the 3DS semi remake, and I don't have access to the Nintendo 64 version, so I can't test this. I don't know if it still happens on the Nintendo Switch's Nintendo 64 Virtual Console, but I can't test that either...
  2. cata_bernal

    The real world inspiration behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

    Ok I know everyone hates edgy takes on Majora's Mask about how Link is dead or in purgatory, etc I agree because Majora's Mask exists to develop further the character of Link and thus he must have a future, or else the game has no purpose and that would be sad. But i think i have cracked the...
  3. T

    The Book of the Hero - The fires of war (looking for critiques!)

    Hey all, long time lurker first time poster here. Finally made an account as for the first time in many years of attempts, I'm finally writing somewhat regularly. A lot of this writing is focused on a stupidly ambitious project I've had in my head for years of trying to fill in much of the...
  4. T

    Sheik's "Back off Link" Quote

    So in the Official Nintendo Strategy Guide for OoT from back in the day there is an image of Sheik and Link during the cinematic where Kakariko is burning. It's right before Bongo Bongo breaks out of the well. In this image the text box reads "Back Off Link". Yet in every version of the game...
  5. Link&Midna

    Did Link or Mido say this?

    In OOT, there's an interaction between Link and Mido that makes it look like Link could have said a full on sentence instead of just implied responses, but it's kind of unclear whether it's said by him or not. v This is the line I'm talking about. I myself just assumed this was Mido...
  6. C

    I hate stalfos and the water temple!

    I am playing the water temple in master mode and it is literally the worst dungeon that I have ever done in a zelda game!! Like seriously, who is supposed to know that you can open doors underwater?? By the time I was able to figure that out, I was low on hearts, and I lost some dying on that...
  7. Sinkin

    Pixel Art Project [OoT]

    Hi, I’m new here on ZD, but certainly not new when it comes to Zelda. I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time. My first experience with the series was when I first played Link’s Awakening DX on my yellow Gameboy Color and I loved every second of it. My favorite game is of course Ocarina of...
  8. Re-D3ad

    The Legend of Zelda: Eclipse

    Chapter One: The Hero of Nature “Link....Link...Wake up....The eclipse is set to orbit in 359 days....Hurry before HE is powered by the darkness!...” Link opens his eyes only to see pure darkness. He looks around searching for some kind of light or something to grasp in the darkness. He...
  9. InnervationBros

    New Hero of TIme Film

    Hey Zelda enthusiasts! We just released a teaser for our animated film! We have been working on this project for a long time. So since the Hero of Time is our favorite Link out of all of them, we decided to make the film about him. https://youtu.be/HZIliYaeXUo
  10. A

    Zelda Timeline Theory (Ocarina of Time)

    It's been many years since Nintendo released the ever debatable Zelda timeline. Of course the most confusing aspect of this is the inclusion of a third timeline. So we have the Child Link Timeline, Adult Link Timeline, and Fallen Hero Timeline. All three timelines come from Ocarina of Time. We...
  11. Drums

    EVERY Character from Legend of Zelda Wallpapers

    I designed 2 crazy wallpapers that contain every character. It won't let me post the images themselves due to file size, so here are the links: http://fav.me/ddu4te0 Every character and most items in OoT! http://fav.me/dduvqsa Every character AND every item in WW! Enjoy, and thank you!
  12. MikiTroy

    Ocarina of Time - Lost woods (My first remix)

    Hi there fellow Zelda's dungeonists! I composed an interpretation of the Lost Woods, in a state of quite positive nostalgia. I would love to have some of you hear it, as I don't have any friends that like this universe to share it with. (I don't have any real friends at all I would say, I am a...
  13. Joseph Torres

    Please help identify this music video "ad" featuring Zelda?

    A short time ago (less than an hour before this post) I got a random ad from "Will It Crush" on my phone; I believe it was actually a music video, given how long the progress bar seemed to be and what I saw (especially the fact that a band appeared). It started with someone (couldn't tell if...
  14. Hydef Hyrule

    20 Years of Ocarina of Time - a modern trailer for a classic game

    https://youtu.be/ommmSq5YeXE I played through Ocarina recently with a excellent HD texture pack and effects courtesy of Dolphin, and I was so hyped by the whole thing that I made a tribute video to what remains my favorite game of all time, now further juiced up by modern technology. Enjoy...
  15. SpiritOfTheHero

    Spoiler The Reincarnation Theory - Spirit of The Hero

    So, not sure if it'd be considered spoilers but to anyone who hasn't played Skyward Sword, then spoilers, I guess? Also, fair warning.... this is a 10-page document coming your way down below, so if you're not much of a reader then feel free to read at your own leisure. An Analysis of The...
  16. Castle

    Why Did No One Believe Zelda's Prophesy?

    There's one glaring issue I take with Ocarina of Time. If Princess Zelda is commonly known as "the child of prophesy" and Princesses of the royal family named Zelda are historically known to have divinations, then why is it that no one believes Zelda when she says Ganondorf is going to betray...
  17. SuperNintendoLand

    Super Nintendo Land Project | A Stand-alone Nintendo Theme Park

    Hello everybody! I have come here to present a project of mine which you may be interested in. This is my idea of what a perfect, fully Nintendo, theme park would look like. This includes Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and (yes) Sonic. Please check out the link which shows the many rides...
  18. P

    Spoiler Why did Zelda make Link go back to his childhood in OOT?

    So, at the end of the game, Zelda makes Link return to his childhood for good to relive the seven years he lost after Ganon was defeated. But why couldn't that cold, idiotic Zelda just leave Link as an adult? She just messed up the whole timeline.
  19. P

    Tribute to Link - One Man Can Change The World

    I made a music video as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite video game characters, Link, from the great Legend of Zelda franchise. It's set to One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean. I made this video back on the first. Here is the video, I hope you enjoy.
  20. drpez12

    Tempo of Time: An Ocarina of Time Medley

    Hey guys, A couple of years ago I had a vision of creating a massive Ocarina of Time medley that recounts the classic story through music. With the help of a good friend, we set out on arranging the songs in the style of a prog rock epic, taking inspiration from some of our favorite bands like...
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