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The Harvester Scythe (Darksiders I)


Apr 19, 2009

The Harvester Scythe. The first thing I am going to say is that I'm talking Darksiders: Wrath of War here, as I haven't yet played Darksiders II.

For those that don't know you obtain the Harvester Scythe by entering the code 'The Hollow Lord' in the 'Enter code' section of the options menu. If this is done before obtaining the regular Scythe it can be retrieved from Vulgrim for free therefore allowing you to save precious souls. However if you have already purchased the Scythe it will simply replace it. NOTE: Regardless of the level of your regular Scythe the Harvester Scythe will be level 1 when the code is entered. The harvester Scythe was originally intended to be a pre-order bonus for darksiders but due to it being one code it is now available to everyone.

The Harvester Scythe is allegedly a more powerful Scythe that is better for harvesting souls. Hence it's name.

So what I want to know is what do people think of the Harvester Scythe? I played through my first playthrough with the regular Scythe, and my second time round I am using the Harvester and I have to say, I am noticing NO difference. Has anyone noticed the difference? I would be extremely disappointed if I pre-ordered the game, and THIS was my reward. Something anyone can get, without paying the full release day price, that is no real difference from the actual scythe.

Maybe it is just because of the difficulty leap from normal with the regular to apocalyptic with the harvester. Am I missing something?

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