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The Beginning of the Game

Mar 2, 2012
So in the beginning of the game you see a crack in a forest that shows the
Imprisoned has freed itself. But the forest itself is what I'm interested in. How come we never get to explore this part of Faron Woods. It looks like an open boundless forest like in beta OOT and TP. Do you think part of Faron Woods was a scrapped part of the game and then only used for this specific cutscene?
Apr 8, 2012
I think it isn't Faron Woods, because the Imprisoned is only seen in the Sealed Grounds so I think it's a undiscovered part of the Sealed Grounds.


Eating Your Brains
Apr 6, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Does it matter what name it goes by? The point is that it was closed to the player.

It's impossible to know whether this area was planned to be explorable or not. I'd say it wouldn't have been, due to the lack of footage from trailers/pre-release gameplay and that Nintendo was trying to keep the explorable area down to a minimum. I mean, it was probably always a possibility that it was accessible, but its validity as an ingame area would have been closed out at a very early point in development.

I guess if it looks like it should have been explorable then it was doing its job. Inaccessible areas should look just the same as the accessible areas, else the game will feel unnatural.

It's an interesting point you raise; whether or not we'd see the crack in the earth the Imprisoned made. I don't actually know why the Imprisoned was free in the opening sections of the game. It begs the question: how was he resealed at the sealing grounds without Link's intervention. Remember, the first time you seal the Imprisoned you witness its escape from the seal, meaning it was sealed previously. Food for thought ;)
Apr 7, 2012
It may not even be in faron woods. A dream is a dream. I dremt I lived in America once, but I dont. I dont thing the forest is a specific place, but they should have used a part of Faron woods to make it thicker.
Sep 11, 2011
i think it was just to tintroduce the imprisoned but i'm not sure and i think it was part of link's dream so it might not exist

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