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Silitha Appreciation Thread

Nov 26, 2008
I read over a list of all the bosses in the first Darksiders before I played the game. The only one that particularly interested me was Tiamat, and I took very little notice of Silitha because, well, I wrote her off as just another giant spider. This opinion carried all the way through my journey through the Iron Canopy, which I didn't find particularly impressive as a dungeon. But when I actually fought Silitha, my opinion about her changed a lot.

Like I said, I expected a pretty stereotypical spider boss. Something you'd expect from a giant spider. Crawling on walls, trapping with webs, spitting poison. Those kinds of things. I didn't expect her to be a teleporting maniac. :bleh:

Silitha's visual design isn't exactly unique, but that's true of a lot of the designs in the game. Regardless, her fight is one of the more inspired ones in the game, and was the first one to really catch my interest since the fight against Tiamat. The fight was short, but it was intense fighting Silitha as she blinked around the room, giving you little time to latch onto her with the Abyssal Chain before she fell on top of you or did some other attack. I thought it was a really neat battle given how easily it could have been generic.

I just think Silitha specifically could use a little love, especially since I don't see rapidly-teleporting spider queens... ever, actually.

What did you guys think of Silitha and her dungeon?

Din Akera

Jan 27, 2010
My own little world
I just finished the dungeon and took Silitha's heart. Headed to Samael. But that is beside the point. To the topic at hand!

I was very unimpressed by the dungeon. I to felt it was just another spider themed area of an adventure game and in fact had got me thinking about a thread I'd like to start in general gaming. The mini-mini-boss spiders. The four you have to beat to get to the mini boss; I thought were interesting, but not overly unique. When they were followed by the mini boss Ice Spider I was preparing myself for a boss battle involving the aspects of these other enemies found in her dungeon. I already knew she was going to be a spider, but just as Axle said, I was not expecting the teleportation.

Do I think she was a unique boss, ahh... not really. Yes the teleportation thing was cool and different than any other spider battle I have ever seen. However, I did not have any trouble with the battle. I was killed by the ice spider several times and only had to take one crack at Silitha. I'm not saying that makes her a bad boss. But the teleportation was easily over come for me simply by targeting her. The target let you know exactly where she was coming back and I was able to dodge out of the way almost every time. The couple times she did land on me was because I dodged under he big bum. lol.

But, I do think it was a good idea to try and bring a fresh concept to a very old and common idea. I will give Silitha some love. So far, I'm not sure which of the bosses is my favourite. Tiamat probably still holds the spot at the moment.


Apr 19, 2009
I have to agree with the post above. Silithas battle was extremely easy and I have to say that all the teleporting really did was make things seem very hectic when really the fight was simple and easy. You never lost track of where Silitha was, not just because of targeting but also because she is rather on the large side. Not only that, but I was disappointed that she didn't attack like a spider. I would have loved her to plunge her fangs downward at War, have him dashing out the way and the bringing down Chaoseater upon her spider face while her fangs were stuck in the floor. Maybe that would have been a little more 'stereotypical,' but this time around you are playing as War, horseman of apocalypse! I would have preferred just to go blow for blow with silitha but instead she didn't really attack at all.

I think my biggest problem with the whole situation is that Samael tells you that if you enter the Iron Canopy, 'she will find you.' Considering it was apparently her finding me, I had to a LOT of finding her.

I will give love to Silitha though. She's probably my second favourite chosen behind Straga, who seriously needs to stop referring to himself in the third person...


Apr 19, 2009
I replayed this portion of the game again today on Apocalyptic and I have to say, I breezed through the dungeon in about 35 minutes, but Silitha wiped the floor with me about 4 times. I'm using the harvester scythe and trying to level that up, but I had to revert back to my chaoseater, equipped with War's glory because she was just plain showing me up. Not only that, but I tend to avoid using the Chaos form unless I have to as I do not want to rely on that for my combat. Silitha forced me to use it once, and then to equip possession refill my chaos and use it again, and that still wasn't enough. I am literally skipping through the game and finding all the bosses easier on apocalyptic then I did on normal. Silitha on the other hand was tougher, faster and meaner. This gave me a whole new outlook on the boss fight in general and I really enjoyed it. What on normal seemed like 'hey look she's moving really fast! It's totally manic! You might die here, honest.' Became 'GET OUT OF THE WAY! Too late, try again.' Now I'm just wishing there were a harder difficulty to fight her on :).

Not only that, but while re-watching the opening cut scene to her boss battle. I couldn't help but notice that her voice was eerily similar to a female version of Mark Hamil's watcher. I found this parallel intriguing especially seeing as she much like the watcher is sewing the seeds of doubt around Samael to War.

Favourite boss in the game by far.

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