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Should Skyward Sword Have a Take Em All on Challenge?


Aug 29, 2010
Yeah, In previous Zelda titles, I like the boss battles especially the 3d ones. But I want to fight them again without starting the game over. Minish Cap had something similar, but it was just random enemies. Finally, Spirit Tracks introduced the Take em all on minigame WITH bosses! I think that Skyward Sword should have something similar, fight waves of enemies then fight bosses. It would boost the replay value. What do you think?


Yea, great idea, i love that in Majoras mask how you can fight the bosses over and over again, if you want, i loved it in Spirit Tracks as well, they should definitely add it in, but with new bosses, and/or the normal ones.


Jun 14, 2010
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I think that would be a great idea, but i think it could be annoying to the player (I believe) because I am sure every boss has a very different way to kill


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Aug 6, 2010
I would like a cave of ordeals and a take em all on challenge. I've always loved both!
Dec 11, 2009
It's something I would like to see, however, I don't want to pay to fight bosses again and other enemies like in Spirit Tracks. If they have a Cave of Ordeals type dungeon, then I wouldn't mind, even if it didn't have bosses. Or if they at least let you re-fight bosses again like in Majora's Mask and let you find an item that will awaken them again.

Personally, I want another Cave of Ordeals. I liked that place and since it was optional, its difficulty mattered not. If they included the bosses at each tenth floor, or if they came at the very end in succession, it would make for a very interesting, very challenging mini-dungeon.

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Aug 19, 2009
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I would definately love to see another endurance dungeon. They were fun and challenging. <3 Endurance Dungeons.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind paying to go through it if it wasn't massively expensive like "Pay 1000 Rupees to enter" or something like that. I'd prefer to have it as an actual dungeon, but I would like it either way.

And refighting bosses and/or fighting optional bosses there would be sweet too.
Jan 28, 2010
I'd like them to take it further. Like have the SUPER HARD dungeon. It'll basically have the hardest enemies, the most challenging puzzles they can think of, and it'll have no recovery hearts. It'd be like the Cave of Ordeals but with really complex puzzles thrown in and a nice dungeon layout. That way we can have a really challenging full dungeon, but it'll be optional.


Totally, and if that's not clear enough I'll say...write it again TOTALLY


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Well, I would like to see a Take Em All challenge, as long as there are dungeons available for all of the bosses. (Can't remember if Spirit Tracks had that feature or not)

When I defeated the TEA Challenge, I felt... like it was too quick and as if it was just there for show. It was only, like, 10 floors and then a boss, big whoop. There wasn't that much of difficulty of it, and I was really disappointed that it wasn't was challenging, as it should've been. Skyward Sword needs to be more challenging, like, only hard- core Zelda players who always know what's coming next can beat the boss easily, not easy, for the newbies playing. We hard cores need to be challenged and if Skyward Sword doesn't prove to me that it can be difficult and make me smack my TV with the wiimote, (Did that many times with TP, and usually, when I do that, it turns out to the a good game that I love) then I will be a bit disappointed.

As long as it offers TEA challenges to all of the bosses and prove to be a little difficult, I'm happy.

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