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  • Before you totally deny it actually compare the girl in your Profile Picture with the in the Profile Picture for Caroline.cm.55. They look way to similar not to be the same person.
    But is Caroline her actual name?
    If you've visited my Profile I'm from Florida so I'll probably never meet her anyway but she does look like the girl with the User Name mentioned below.
    The girl in your Profile Photo she looks familiar like she's another User on ZD.

    Caroline.cm.55 is her User Name (she's on my contact list)
    Well, not much really. It just allows other people to see how good your posting quality is, and also, the higher your own rep is, the stronger rep you will give/take. Number of posts also counts in this.
    Well, go to one of my threads or posts you like, and click on the star at the bottom left of the post. There it will give you and option as to + rep or -rep me. + rep me please! Once you have done so, I will do the same to you.
    Trading rep points is when we find a post by the other person and giving them positive reputation. If you agree, we can do it.
    Well, doing European History homework. Not the funnest thing. Just decided to talk to some people here on ZD. You know, I haven't been playing Zelda lately. Just hanging here waiting for the 3DS and SS to come out. Then I can buy PH and ST and play them.
    Hmm.. I've played (all games i've played in order) Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and (soon) Skyward Sword! :) I've beaten them all except Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword :)
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