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Majora's Mask Romani Ranch Alien Minigame

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Jul 12, 2010
I can't do it. At all. I know it's probably really easy, but I just can't. Whenever I do it, I'll get really close, only about " hours off, but then I'll run out of arrows, so I go round the back of the ranch to get some more, but then the moment I do, an alien always reaches it and I lose. It's also a huge bother to have to get the powder keg and stuff again. I'm trying to make it so I get the Fierce Deity mask in the end, so this is essential, so I can get the Romania mask(?). Any tips?


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Jun 14, 2010
What I usually do is stay near the barn. There are little patches of grass near that area that drop off arrows. The aliens themselves almost always drop arrows when you shoot them, so the one that usually spawns somewhat close to the barn can give you arrows without going too far.
Also, what speed are you playing on(normal or slowed down)? If the time goes slower, it takes longer, but I think the aliens move slower, giving more time.


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I always slow down time, and then I circle the area where the aliens come from. The circling really helps and with time slowed down you won't always have to rush. Also arrows I believe come from aliens that you've downed. And don't forget that one alien that is behind the barn.
Jul 12, 2010
Okay, I'll try again in an hour or two. I'm gonna see If I get any moer tips first. I wish this wasn't essential for getting the Romani Mask >.<
Dec 11, 2009
What do you mean by "it's a huge bother to get the Powder Keg?" Are you doing the Goron's Powder Keg thing every time you want one? Cuz that's what I'm getting out of it. If you are going to that Goron at Goron Village each time to get a Powder Keg, there's an easier way to get one. Just go to the bomb shop in Clocktown and purchase one from the goron in there.

When fighting "them," I find it easier to slow down time. What also helps is the Bunny Hood so you can move a lot faster. Pay attention to the dog. The dog will run around and bark at the aliens. Wherever the dog goes, there's bound to be an alien there, so make sure to check on him often. The dog will only stay near the barn.

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Yeah, I'd use the Inverted Song of Time. The aliens DO move slower, although it does take longer. They DO drop arrows when you kill them, so you can replenish your supply. I recomend using Epona and circling around them, around and around the ranch. In my opinion, it's the best way to win.
Jul 12, 2010
Thanks a lot for the information on the Powder Keg! I'll take note of all that about the dog and everything aswell.


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Jun 17, 2010
If arrow supply is a problem, don't slow down time. A full stock of 50 or even 40 arrows is more than enough without having to get more if time is on normal speed, since you'll have fewer thems to deal with. Granted they don't move as slow as when time is slowed down, but still they aren't all that fast to begin with.

The most effective position I've found to have a shot on all of them is near the crate in front of the barn. You won't have to spend time running here and there to, just rotate the camera view.

The dog helps, and the map helps more (if you didn't buy a ranch map from Tingle, by all means do so). Go by the map in determining which ones are closest.

And always keep a look out for the one who spawns from behind the house, as it can sneak in while you're dealing with the ones out in the field.

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Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
Everyone's pretty much said all there is to say. So I'll just review.

1. Buy the Romani Ranch map from Tingle. It'll show you all of THEM on the map in the lower right corner. It helps.
2. Follow the dog. The dog won't appear on the map, however it'll bark and always go to the alien closest to the barn.
3. Try to get a quiver upgrade so arrows don't become too much of a problem.
4. Don't move away from the barn. It seems like a good idea to get rid of THEM so you have time to relax, but then you'll need to rush back on Epona to get the ones who spawn close to the barn. Especially that one in the back.

That's really all there is. Good luck!

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Sep 28, 2010
If you keep running out of arrows try to get the Quiver Upgrade at Swamp Archery Game and at the Town Archery Game. See Guides for MM on ZD.

Another tip is stand where that crate in front of the barn used to be well of course break the crate first this give full view of aliens close to the barn except for that 1 which tends to appear behind you and it also helps to buy the Romani RAnch Map from Tingle because when "they" attack it tells where each 1 is located.


What you should do is ride your horse around and shoot them when you get low ride through the bushes.
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