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Rate the Siggy!


They call me Ammi
Oct 16, 2011
I like it. I am kinda starting out at siggies. 8/10

Ohhhh, I love newcomers into the graphics world ^^ I know im not supposed to be judging your signature, but I couldn't help but notice you said you were just starting out. I like the render excellent on making sure not to distort the image as well. The stock is nice as well it adds a bit of an effect to the entire image the font is excellent it gives off a lovely neon effect, I see you decided to go without the filter that could be a bold move or a rookie mistake taken from a different artist point of view. The smaller image is nice as well the render is slightly off but for the most part it is decently smoothed. The theme you chose is excellent as well.

I would say your a born natural ^^

The only things I would like to pick on you about are the levels in this image, there is really no setting I can't really depict the image fully. And that the image to the right is slightly out of the focal or out of center, only slightly though.

Aside from that your art skill for a newcomer is A-mayyy-zing! ^^

You definitely earn a 9/10


Back to the person im supposed to be rating I love the purple burn it's a very modern twist to the bland copper/grey scale, as far as the image, you CANNOT go wrong with self based art ^^ it shows boldness from the artist stand point. The edges are still defined yet muzzled in a method that is very becoming to the overall image. The font suits the image and the message is quite clear -lol-. And your batting stance seems legit as well -lol- Go get'm slugger. ^^


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