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Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

Johnny Boy

Doctor JB!
Feb 26, 2009
I recently just started a new file in Oot and I'm looking for things
that are not E-rated.
So far, I have found nothing wrong with anything..except the Great Fairy..
Now when I get to the bottom of the well, things may change
But right now, this game does not appeal to me to be the slightest of
any bloody E-rated game.


Zelda Dungeon's Critic
Jan 13, 2009
I don't want to say.
OOT does not focus to much on the blood and treats it as a simple bit a realism. The story inherits the deep story telling of books and adventures rather than being a simple hack and slash. This makes Ocarina not to violent to escape the "E" ratings grasp. If you notice how many of the areas with blood in OOT appear to have a form of mystery around it you'll find that you may be focusing on what occured there or why is this like this. The bottom of the Well contained blood however I found myself to be wondering on who's it is and why had they been tortured. It isn't to violent for an "E" game since it's a story game like I had said.


Nah, I remember a PS1 game rated E, that had lots of bloog.

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