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Ocarina of Time OoT 3D : Boss Challenge Mode - Post Your Times!


Hero of Time
Jan 30, 2011
Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to make a thread like this stating how unique and fun the boss challenge mode is. If the Master Quest wasn't enough to add to the massive replay value of Ocarina of Time 3D, the boss challenge mode is sure to keep you hooked. Personally, I like savoring my new games so ive only beaten up to the Forest Temple thus far having just unlocked the Boss Challenge mode. I played it last night it was pretty amazing! You'd think that facing the same bosses over and over would get old, but if you're going for record time then its nothing short of great fun. So everyone....POST YOUR TIMES!!!! If you want to check back to repost your times, just edit your post so the thread doesnt go overboard. For Mods of the forum, I don't know if this is the right area to post this thread so feel free to move it :)

My times:

Gohma: 00:22.56
King Dodongo: 0:58.36
Barinade: 01:43.10
Phantom Ganon: 01:38.10
Volvagia: 01:58.13
Morpha: 02:55.60 (I hate speedrunning Morpha)
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Jun 16, 2011
Edited, improved everything except Twinrova, they're not fun to speedrun for me.

Gohma: 0:25,70
Dodongo: 0:38,66
Barinade: 1:14,76 (actually found a time saving trick here that I didn't know yet)
Phantom Ganon: 1:08,40 (also found a nice trick)
Volvagia: 0:43,70
Morpha: 0:29,73 (totally nailed that one, the only way to improve it is to walk faster to the blue circle, I think the boss died at 22:xx)
Bongo Bongo: 0:40,66
Twinrova: 7:01,43

And yes, it is quite some fun to figure out the fastest possible way and squeeze the most out of it.
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May 14, 2011
Here is my times:

Gohma: 00:24.16

King Dodongo: 00:40.13

Barinade: 01:27.50

Phantom Ganon: 01:42.96

Volvagia: 00:37.96

Morpha: 00:59.10

Bongo Bongo: 00:42.63

Twinrova: 03:37.30


Gohma: 00:22.46

King Dodongo: haven't done

Barinade: haven't done

Phantom Ganon: 01:38.63

Volvalgia: haven't done

Morpha: havent done

Bongo Bongo: 00:59.60

Twinrova: 02:41.63


The Thunder God
Jul 2, 2011
UK, Land of South Wales
Gohma - 00:20.80
King Dodongo - 00:39.96
Barinade - 01:39:13
Phantom Ganon - 01:20.80
Volvagia - 1:23.93
Morpha - 01:41.96
Bongo Bongo - 01:03.26
Twinrova - 04:27.60

If anyone here has any advice how to kill the bosses much faster it would greatly help.
Jun 24, 2011
Gohma: 0:25.90
Dodongo: 0:39.36
Barinade: 1:19.23
Phantom Ganon: 1:20.10
Volvagia: 0:46.66
Morpha: 0:34.90
Bongo Bongo: 0:36.50
Twinrova: 3:54.46
Gauntlet: 11:43.63
Jun 26, 2011
00.20.93 Gohma
00.39.33 King Dodongo
01.57.76 Barinade
01.57.30 Phantom Ganon
00.37.70 Volvagia
00.34.73 Morpha
00.47.73 Bongo Bongo
04.52.33 Twinrova


Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009
I'll update this if anything changes.
Gohma 19:73
King Dodongo 39:83
Barinade 1;32:60
Phantom Ganon 1:25:96
Volvagia 1:58:36
Morpha 3:32:43
Bongo Bongo 1:11:73
Twinrova 2:52:00
Gauntlet 17:53:73
My gauntlet time isn't very good yet. According to the individual times i could have beaten it a few minutes quicker.
Jul 6, 2011
Gohma:00:07.40(saw a youtube video on how to beat her in 6 seconds but before I saw the video it was around 25 seconds)
King Dodongo:45 seconds
Barinade:2 min and 23 seconds
Phantom Ganon:1 min and 24 seconds
Volvagia:1 min and 32 seconds
Morpha:4 minutes and 55 seconds
Bongo Bongo:42 seconds
Twinrova:6 minutes and 52 seconds.

Now I haven't played the boss challenge in weeks, so all of these scores are a couple weeks old. I'm pretty sure if I played the boss challenge right now, times for each boss will be lower. I haven't beaten the Gauntlet yet because I haven't gotten any "motivation" to do so. If a friend of mine beats it, then I might try to tackle the boss Gaunlet.


Who needs a shield?
Jul 27, 2011
Gohma: 12 seconds (20 seconds on average)
King D : 36 seconds (40-50 seconds on average)
Barinade: 3 minutes 21 seconds (My least favorite boss and have only replayed once
Phantom Ganon: 1 min 7 seconds.


Ocarina of Time 3D
Gohma = 21 sec
King Dodongo = 1 min 23 sec
Barinade = 2 min 1 sec
Phantom Ganon = 1 min 16 sec
Volvagia = 1 min 7 sec
Morpha = 57 sec
Bongo Bongo = 1 min
Twinrova = 2 min 13 sec
Ganondorf = 40 sec
Ganon = 1 min 1 sec
* (Dark Link) = 23 sec
*added as bonus 'half boss' time

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