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Ocarina of Time Link in Zelda Wii


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Oct 30, 2009
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Yeah, after Ocarina of Time Link, we lost the Adult Link (with exception of Fierce Deity's Mask look). I hope that Zelda Wii will be a good one! Can't wait to get it! And we don't even have a title for it yet.


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
An interesting thought, but based on looks alone the artwork looks almost idential to the TP Link. I never thought of the short sleeves before, but the art here is really too blurry to judge. It does seem to be a sleeve like most Link's have, but the lower part is too obscured for me to say that it's definitely a sort sleeve with nothing else.

Also, I don't think they would go back to an old era that's from 10 years ago now. They seem to like 2 sequels at best and then they move on. It would make the most sense to use OoT's Link since he's probably the most popular, but 10 years later just seems like too long ago. It locks them into a certain perception of who the characters are and what their world is.

I wouldn't call it a dumb theory at all, I just personally don't think it's likely. I think it would be interesting to revisit a Link we've met before though, and not just in a direct sequel. I just started a thread in the World of Zelda forum about how it can be disappointing to have ot leave a known Link behind for a new title. I would be all for checking in on the Hero of Time to see what he's up to, but I think it's most likely that Miyamoto and the gang have moved on to other eras.


Jul 15, 2009
I think we'll have to wait for more info for a clear-cut answer... but I know I'd love to see OoT Link again... it always bugged me that we never know if he found Navi or got back to Hyrule (or carried on travelling) safely. It would feel like greeting an old friend after a long time (Miyamoto did say this Link would be older), and could make for some interesting overworld and gameplay changes...

Eh. We can't really form too many theories from one piece of concept art... but even though he's drawn in TP style... his hair certainly looks like it's in bangs with a central parting (a la OoT Link), rather that parted at the side furthest from us (in the image) like in TP... but again that could just be attributed to the angle (sly nintendo lol). Just some food for thought.

We'll have to wait for the trailer to know anything for sure though :)
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Jun 14, 2009
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Interesting , though I highly doubt they will do it...
I'm not saying it's a dumb theory but you see... It's not Nintendo's tendency to do things like this...
It would be the greatest idea they had since a long time but...
I just don't believe this will happen :/

By the way, this would explain why Link has no sword, with the Kokiri sword to small for him and the Master Sword in it's pedestral...
I'll think about your theory for the next artwork, we don't have enought elements to tell if he's the Hero of Time or not.
Oct 31, 2009
I initially thought it would be OoT Link too. Then I looked closer and saw that the style and clothes were closer to TP Link than Oot (which is depressing). I really hope it is because he was my favorite Link of them all. However, I really doubt that Nintendo would reuse this Link. I think they have left this era of Zelda behind, even though it is a critical one. I can still wish. :)
Oct 18, 2008
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I really don't think that OOT Link will star in a another Zelda game.
I think that his story is finished.
I really don't think that there really is anymore story to tell with him.
In my opinion Majora's Mask was a good way to wrap up his story.


i just recently had the same theory... (yesterday) i posted it on facebook, so imma just copy pasta that puppy rite here. it should back up your theory while using some other games, and add a bit more detail as to how the story could be. HERE YA GO:

As you may know, Ocarina of Time was never truly concluded. Link returned to the past, and chose not to remove the master sword from the pedestal, knowing that doing so would open the sacred realm, allowing Ganondorf to obtain the power of the triforce (he got power). because link was not yet old enough to defeat him, he was forced to sleep for 7 years, giving Ganondorf the time he needed to gain power over Hyrule. After Ocarina of Time, link travels to Termina in search for Navi, who left soon after link returned to the past. In Termina, link is given the challenge of saving Clock Town from the falling moon. during this time, Ganondorf is free to do as he pleases in Hyrule, although this would likely consist of trying to get the triforce, considering he's as far as we've seen, useless without it. As is explained at the beginning of Wind Waker, the people waited for a hero to arrive, but he didn't show up in time to save them, and Hyrule had to be flooded. it is clear that at the end of Ocarina of Time, that the triforce is sealed within the sacred realm, yet we see in Wind Waker, which is commonly agreed upon to be a sequel to Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask, that the triforce is scattered across a flooded Hyrule. It is clear that there is some link (pun) missing in the story, my latest theory says that the next Zelda game will take place in this gap.

Many people believe the girl in the Next Zelda's concept art to either be the queen fairy from Wind Waker, or a humanoid form of the Master Sword. In this theory, i am leaning more towards this being a fairy, although a sword nonetheless. I believe the plot is likely more about link avoiding using the master sword, in order to keep Ganondorf away from the triforce. Considering Wind Waker has the triforce shards scattered across Hyrule, it is also likely the sacred realm is opened. also the master sword is still in it's pedestal in Wind Waker, so perhaps the sword was returned once Ganondorf is "defeated" (he is clearly back in Wind Waker, although not in complete power, so he apparently hasn't been free long). Ganondorf quite possibly kept his piece of the triforce, and it is clear Tetra gained her piece from being a descendant of Zelda. it is possible in the upcoming Zelda that link never passes on his portion of the triforce, due to reasons i haven't yet thought of. although perhaps he had to leave Hyrule again, hence why the Master Sword is returned.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: (sorry, but no they wont be in caps lock)

In Majora's mask, Link has the ability to obtain the "Great Fairy Sword". This shows that the fairies are quite proficient in creating swords, and the great fairy sword in Majora's Mask sort of resembles the great fairy mask. considering the "fairy girl" in the concept art, perhaps she is indeed a fairy, but has the ability to transform into the sword as well, (this is from many theories other people have had, including myself). Since link has yet to find Navi, perhaps this is her... it is possible Ganondorf was able to gain entrance to the sacred realm, and get the triforce before Link is able to return. Perhaps within this process, Ganondorf breaks the master sword, similarly to how Vaati breaks the four sword in the Minish Cap, in order to gain entrance to the sacred realm, ignorant of the sword's power (Ganondorf wouldn't know of the master sword's powers, because Link never defeated him with it yet). perhaps, after finding Navi, She fuses with the Master Sword in some way, allowing the blade to be repaired through her sacrifice, although by doing this, shw is allowed to change to a more human form at points in the game, such as in the concept art i have previously mentioned so much.

although Navi was annoying with all of her useless information, she was a very loved character, and it would be crazy for the Zelda team to not bring her back in some form. Zelda games, although vaguely, and arguably, all have some way of being linked together. They also enjoy recycling ideas, such as the idea that Twilight Princess is a parallel story to a Link to the Past (Mirror = Mirror, Tark world = Twilight realm, Aganhim = Zant, etc). Knowing this, my only questions are, if this is the same link as OoT, why is he clearly right handed in this game, yet left handed in the old ones, unless it's just a quick solution for the right handed Wii remote, such as in TP.


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May 17, 2009
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I really doubt it's him. I think they're just reusing a style like they so often do. Despite my doubts, I do hope it is the Link from Ocarina of Time.

We never really got any closure with him. He wandered off after his friend, and as far as we know, he never found her. The prologue ("a legend held dearly by the Royal Family etc. etc. etc.) suggests that Link eventually returned to Hyrule, but when?

We were also told by Aonuma that Link didn't open the Door of Time a second time- instead, he and Zelda thought it best to be rid of him some other way. However, in TP, we see that Ganon does in fact have the Triforce of Power, so he must have touched the Triforce in some other way. Perhaps this game is supposed to go into detail about that incident....

Eh, whatever it turns out to be, I'm sure it'll be great.

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