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General Zelda Multiple Companions?


Jul 1, 2012
I just wanna spark a discussion here, I mean I don't really agree with this idea I just want to present the idea to you guys to see your thoughts...

In my opinion I think companions in the grand scheme have been rather bland and pointless, in a sense we could actually go on without them. Companions like Navi and Fi never really brought nothing to the table story wise and they did nothing to actually help Link, of course this could be countered with the fact that Midna's was key to the story in Twilight Princess. However I think Midna is just one exception in a way, there have been some other average companions but I only think Midna achieved her role.

So with this in mind I was thinking what if the companion system could be more flexible? We could have multiple Companions, one at a time of course but I think it could be actually a good way to make companions helpful. When I think of this system I think of 2 bug series like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls were you can complete a certain quest and then gain a new companion. Each companion is different and each has their own specific strengths and weaknesses, it makes for quite a bit of diversity and a range of ways of handling situations, especially in combat. I can kinda of imagine this in a Zelda game, we could have a range of companions, each belonging to a certain race... A Goron could help Link destroy boulders, launch Link into the air like in TP, Zora could help Link swim faster, a Hylian Knight could be effective in sword combat and so on.

Thinking about it I am actually warming to this idea, so I want to know your thoughts on some of the points I raised and what possible companions could be used and what abilities?


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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I actually like this idea. You have to option to take a certain companion and unlock them as the story progresses. I also like the idea of the companions being different races. They can help you with different task and maybe even unlock different areas of the map.
If we got the goron, zora, etc route in the OP then why not just have the masks come back?

Multiple companions screams strategy, or it should. But i can't see it working in a Zelda game. The closest we have ever come to multiple companions was in Phantom (still hate it) Hourglass where we had three companions, granted they were all fairies but it was a nice touch that the collectables became magic upgrades and you could assign a fairy for combat purposes, it gave it a little depth but not a lot and you didnt need to use any of them to make things any easier.

Companions are also very big parts of the story now, SS would have been even more so half the game that it was without Fi and TP wouldnt exist at all without Midna's presence. Tatl in MM served us well to give us some background on Skull Kid, in a 3D game if we had multiple companions the cutscenes would probably border on MGS lengthy so that everyone could have their say.

I'd also worry about a multiple cpmpanion idea, the amount of filler that that game would have would probably be worse than SS if we had to upgrade our companions are find things for every single one of them, it'd be very much like going through the motions and i've had enough of that in Zelda recently.
Another aspect that might get dropped on us with multiple companion would be pokemon effect, more akin to something seen in Ph but much more annoying where certain companions are used for certain things, the amount of equipping and un-equipping would be very annoying coupled with weapons and probably really tedious in the field to 'Midna used cut!' 'Navi used fly' Fi used State the Obvious'

so yeah i would be highly dubious about the idea of multiple companions.


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Jan 16, 2013
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I'm thinkin along the same lines as Rutela on the is one. It could work, but it would very similar to MM. However, its possible that Link could actually team up with the companion in performing the tasks, but that would lead to AI problems and the potential for bad gameplay. Its probably not worth the risk going too far, but the basic idea of two companions works. I mean they did it in WW, and it worked out all right. It would be similar to what we've seen before, but it could be a lot of fun.


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Feb 6, 2013
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I agree that having to switch between companions like you would with an item would probably be irksome and tedious. However, I do think a game where there are multiple companions but which one you have depends on the part of the game you are in would be interesting. Perhaps there are two fairies, like in MM, who are friends or siblings, and one of them goes missing. You are already starting on your quest, and the companion requests teaming up with you to search for their friend. But instead of just sticking with the one companion, as in MM, events throughout the game cause you to switch between them--you find one but the other is captured, etc. If the companion was able to give you some additional abilities like Midna, then it could be interesting to have certain skills available at certain times. This could also be really annoying, depending on how it is executed (I'm imagining being trapped in Wolf or Deku form) but might be an interesting plot device.


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Nov 13, 2012
i was waiting for someone to bring up WW. I thought the way you used companions in that game was awesome, King of Red Lions was not you average helper, in that hes not annoying as hell! so i like him. and the fact that they gave you Medli and Makar in two of the dungeons was cool and ill explain why! In past Zelda games... and since WW really, when you enter a dungeon, you have basic combat and puzzle solving until you get the item in that dungeon, from that point on you might as well ALWAYS have that weapon equipped.

Whereas in WW, you have Medli or Makar in said dungeon, and they almost become the Item in that Dungeon. So Combat and Puzzles are more varied from the git! I found it interesting that in those two dungeons, i found myself fighting enemies that took a lot of different strategy, and puzzles that made you mix what you already knew with the powers of the companion, the companion almost being the key Item for that dungeon, so when you get the actual Dungeon Item its used more for combat, or as an added piece to puzzles that already use the companion!

I dont know if this is coming out right, so basiclly what i think on the companion issue, is that as long as they do it like WW, Take away the whole "having to carry them around, and give them their own means of following you" i would be all about it. I liked the companions from WW, and would like to see it again. I dont like the idea of them being actual Items you call apon. i dont know how they would make it work, but im all about them trying, if it goes wrong, i will forever say "we tried and it didnt work". Kinda like the sky in SS LOL
Mar 15, 2013
In my opinin, multiple companions would only work if they are not able to be directly controlled by the player. Something like basic orders system could work. Say choose a companion or two and aim at an object to make them do something with it. Activating switches, standing on platforms, lighting torches, etc. It all depends on the object you aim at. Ofcource some companions would not always follow orders, especially if they dont trust you enough. That could make them seem more real, but it would also make dungeon completing more annoying. Actually if they are not necessary for completing a dungeon, but could ease the process by using their abilities properly could be an interesting system. Say theres a door that opens when several pressure plates are activated. You could push crates or what ever there is to weight down on the plate, or you could instruct some of the companions to stand on them.


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Feb 25, 2013
I think it would be interesting if you could pick between one of a few companions, or none at all, and stick with that choice for the rest of the game. The dialogue might change a little bit depending on each companion's personality, and if they have an ability, it could help with certain areas or dungeons.


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Jan 21, 2013
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But that's already been used. It's like a magic trick you've seen before and you know how it works.

Exactly. I think it would be so similar to MM, without being the actual thing. I would rather have a transformation system, not necessarily the masks, maybe like the wolf in TP, to give you new abilities than multiple companions.
The problem with multiple companions is the risk of underdeveloping one in favor of the other. This occurred in Phantom Hourglass with Ciela and Linebeck. Linebeck's a humorous, greedy sidekick whereas Ciela is a forgettable fairy with a vague connection to Oshus. Ironically, the same game featured an excellent companionship between Link and Gongorun during the battle with Dongorongo. Rolling into the beast and sending Bombchus its way was a rewarding and refreshing experience.

That said, I'd prefer if Nintendo heavily integrated a single companion into gameplay. This occurred with Fi in Skyward Sword but more so with Twilight Princess's Midna, playing a large role in Wolf Link's maneuvers. Nintendo should take note from the Phantom Hourglass boss battle noted above offering large gameplay portions for Link's assistant.


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May 26, 2010
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But that's already been used. It's like a magic trick you've seen before and you know how it works.

Yeah? It's better than having a venue for multiple Fis and Navis, huh? So instead of being stopped every five minutes, it's now every two minutes. :dry:

Companions haven't served a grounded combat role...except Spirit Tracks' Zelda. Having a multitude of companions would just raise hell for me, becuase I know Nintendo will try to force people to listen to even MORE text boxes and have MORE popups when obtaining yet another new companion. It's too bothersome, so just keep it with one companion.

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