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Most Fun Item from Zelda


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Jul 25, 2011
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the magic arrows from MM/WW. freeaing stuff then firing fire arrows at it always entertains me. the WW light arrows were WAY overpowered though, they were like the metal blade, execpt without the minimal energy useage.


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May 10, 2010
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I'll just make a top 5.

5 - Boomerang/Grappling Hook combo, TWW. Stunning Moblins and seeing the looks on their faces when you stole their Skull Necklaces was entertaining as hell.
4 - Bow + Hawkeye, TP. Single-handedly sniping every Bulbin with ease, and basically overrunning the camp without being seen. This is also repeated in the Hidden Village.
3 - Fishing Rod, TP. Ganon: You'll never get me! Link: *throws Fishing Rod* Ganon: OOOH!!!! SHINY!!!!!
2 - Boomerang, LA. A weapon that normally fails in Zelda games turns into the most awesome weapon in your arsenal. Even enough to kill Dethl in one hit.
1 - Skull Hammer, TWW. Chu-chus and Miniblins... Oh the fun I had in my depraved, sadistic childhood...
Sep 3, 2011
The Bow and Arrow in Twilight Princess! I loved sniping all those Bulblins in Arbiter's Grounds and knocking them right off their Bulbos to the north of Kakariko! Then there's the Double Clawshot, of course! That thing is by far one of the handiest items in all of Zelda!


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Sep 19, 2011
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The ball&chain from TP, as useless as it is after beating the dungeon where you get it, you can pretty much pwn every enemy in your path w/ it, which is fun as hell.
Also don't know if this counts as an item but the Goron's Mask from MM, you can go uber fast w/ it and run everything over >:D


I really like to use the Double clawshot, it's great to pull yourself from wall to wall, or for pole to pole.
Sep 21, 2011
I have alot of items that i think are fun to play with. The Ocarina with the scarecrow song was awesome. I kept changing mine from the Zelda charm, to mario charm, to just completly random songs. I also loved playing with the clawshot/hookshot alot too! It can be a great for a bow & arrow replacement, which I also love. It's especially fun to shoot arrows at the boblins on those pig beast things on hyrule field!

Spirit Tracks

True, one of the fun ones I have used is basically the arrows (any types) in ST, its soo fun to go into a safe zone and hit phantoms, they never know that youre there. And this isnt a Weapon, but i like jumpin off the roofs in kakariko in TP, to see wether Link can survive, I jumped off the highest point and hit the canyonside thing, then fell to the ground, Link took no damage.


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Nov 29, 2008
Aw.... you're gonna make me choose? Let met think.... I did like the double clawshots. It made that aerial battle in City in the Sky a lot of fun. It really made it feel like you were flirting with danger. One wrong move and it's a long way down. Made for a very fun and dramatic battle. Winning their spot as most fun item for me. But it's really a tough choice. There were other good ones too.


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Oct 12, 2011
I always enjoy using every item from ALttP. But i specifically love rocs cape and strength gauntlets (though arguably not an item)

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